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At 4:17am on November 13, 2017, Sebastien said…
Hello Charles, Im looking to connect my pixhawk via a raspberry to mission planner. I see that you did it. Could you tell me What kind of server do you instanciate to communicate between raspberry and mission planer ? An amazon aws ? Thank you !
At 9:51am on November 13, 2017, Charles Linquist said…

It gets fairly complex, but - in the Raspberry, I used SER2NET, and connect the serial port of the Raspberry to the telemetry port of the PixHawk.  I plug a VERIZON 4G/LTE "dongle" into the USB port of the Raspberry.  In the Raspberry, I use WVDIAL, pppd and AUTOSSH to make the connection to an Amazon ec2 server via the 4G link..

The Amazon server is running a reverse SSH tunnel.  

On the ground side, I have another 4G/LTE "dongle" plugged into my laptop (but you could use a 'hot spot'), I then set up Mission Planner to use a tcp connection to the Amazon ec2 server using only the 
Amazon server's name and the appropriate port number.

The connection from the 'copter' to the Amazon server is secure, but the connection from that Amazon server to my laptop is not.  I'll change that soon.  I'll use another Raspberry on the ground to create a secure connection to the Amazon server and connect the Raspberry to my laptop via USB.  I need a Raspberry on the ground anyway, because I have designed a "failover" system and PCB which seamlessly switches between 4G and 915Mhz telemetry on both ends.  Both ends (air and ground) transmit simultaneously on 4G and 915Mhz. Both ends pick which source is best at any time and use that source.  Mission Planner cannot switch between two sources of telemetry/control, but the Raspberry can.  The Raspberry picks between validated sources and sends data to MP using one connection method and one data rate.

At 9:11pm on September 2, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…
Why do you use Amazon server? Wouldn’t any server provider work? ie I have a shared Windows server service I use for my website and email. I can install other service and apps. Could that be used?
However, why is this server even necessary to control a drone over 4G Lte?
At 5:43pm on September 3, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…
Please provide more specific UAV installation for pixhawk 2.1. If I have to subscribe to a service like you’ve set up provide a website or service information. I’m building a Tarot 810 with Reach + for RTK and Panasonic G4 for aerial photos.
At 8:16pm on September 3, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…
I tried to read through many of your posts on the 4G subject. I am sold on your plan to monetize your solution. If you are taking names to put on your customer list include mine. Ideally I’d like to not use the RPI3 on the aircraft, if there is another way. For instance by using the onboard Edison on the Pixhawk 2.1. Of course I’d like to see the GC packaging and the aircraft side.
BTW the Parrot Disco and Bebop have a mod to use 4G there is a YouTube video of a guy flying across one of the Channels between islands in Hawaii. Let me know how I can follow you.
At 9:31am on September 21, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…

Is there any update of your plans to monetize your service and setup? I want to move forward with development for my UAV’s. I have my 4G dongle activated and ready to go.

At 9:26am on December 8, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…

Do you have an update to this project?

At 9:37am on December 8, 2018, Tom Ferguson said…

Charles, I live in Sacramento. I didn’t know where Campbell was but I work at PG&E constructing electric vehicle charging stations and we are installing at Champbell UHSD.

At 8:00am on December 9, 2018, Charles Linquist said…

I dropped this project for awhile because I have been working on a larger gasoline-powered hybrid "hex" with 3+ hour airtimes. I should be able to get everything finalized within a week.  I'll let you know.

Sometime in the next two weeks, I will give you a demo - where you can "log on" to my copter from Sacramento check out the Mission Planner screen and the live video feed.

At 6:27am on July 12, 2019, B A Kanchuka said…


   I want to know the steps and the process to connect the Pixhawk to the internet (Through a RPI onboard computer connected to the Pixhawk through a server like you successfully did by 4G/3G) and on how to connect multiple Vehicles to GCS like Mission Planner/ Q Ground Control. I couldnt find any detailed steps to do this and i am looking for help. I hope that you will guide me through the process.

Also I'm highly interested in buying your 4G Telemetry control Module. 

I'm also searching a 4 directional object avoidance system to connect to the boat running on Pixhawk (The boat is big at least 12Ft long and 6Ft wide) 



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