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At 8:31pm on June 13, 2011, Clinton Wyatt said…
Hi Michael,
Hopefully very soon, I been busy changing jobs aswell that's why I haven't been down the field much lately,
im hoping to start buying the parts very soon. im going with a Hex setup and then maybe a smaller fun quad. the funny thing is I have been researching all this over a few months now and only just when 1.02 of the mission planner was released did I notice that it was you who designed it.... small world, I remember my 1st day at the field George was telling me about your gps plane as it was doing its auto flights and stuff but yer didnt realise your involvement with the whole thing.
And likewise it awesome knowing I will have a like minded local that I can bounce ideas off and share problems with :o)
At 10:25am on June 17, 2011, The Old Flyer said…


I have noticed a minor problem with the DO_REPEAT_SERVO Command.

The required parameters are: Servo #, PWM, Cycle Count, Cycle time.

Cycle time reverts to 0.


Thanks again for the great work.

At 7:13am on June 22, 2011, JJ said…
Greetings Michael,

Please refer to Chris’s APM Roadmap blog for the introduction:

There could be an opportunity for having a community college in Pennsylvania look into writing some simulation code for quadcopters in the Spring semester 2012. I’ll also see with other schools about trying to start in the Fall semester 2011.

Could an “add-in” be easily linked to your APM Mission Planner without risking screwing-up your first-rate program?

Please let me know!

Cheers, JJ

At 8:09am on June 24, 2011, Daniel Gru said…

Hey Michael,
I have a suggestion for your APM Mission Planner (or maybe it is already in it, and i am to dumb to find it ;-) )
Can we have the city names/street names etc blended in to the google earth map?

Reason being, if i go to my flightfield, yeah i just about know where it will be on the map.
But for example i am planning on taking my copter on holiday this year, if i would want to do a waypoint flight there, it would take ages to find where i am, if not impossible (it will be sweden, so everything just looks green + blue for the lakes :D )


Just an idea...

At 7:48am on June 27, 2011, Hans Kulker said…


I have loaded your APMplanner 1.0.19.

The terminal with the CLI switch  to the left site working.

Firmware can I updaten.

When the CLI switch swithed to the right and I wil connecten for the Flight Data then stopped the connecting by 24 second.

What is the problem

At 12:43am on June 28, 2011, Hans Kulker said…
I request you to disconnect the GPS receiver but to no avail.

The following is true:
2 weeks ago I bought the print.
I then downloaded the 1.0.9 APMplanner and firmware Hexacopter set.
it worked then.

Yesterday I did an update to 1.0.19 APMplanner done.
When did the hexacopter even via USB.
I was not stable.
I did a firmware update from hexacopter.
Now, the communication over USB anymore.

The following is true:
CLI switch to the left
Firmware update works.
Terminal mode of communication works and I can read data from testing.

When I go to the Flight, Configuration, flight planner or Simulation mode, do I connect to.
I get a window Mavlink
After that, we stopped at a timeout of 24 seconds and the program is stuck.

The green, red and Rx LED flashes.

I myself get the idea that on the side of the APMboard is something wrong in the firmware?

I hope you do something with my story, I am waiting for replies.
Excuse my syntax.

At 11:32pm on June 29, 2011, Hans Kulker said…


In response to the problem I have done some further research.
I noted the following:

Mavlink the communication between the USB and APMboard APMplanner is not built
I watched this with the program Portmon
Seems that the firmware gives a wrong answer
So is there anything on the Mavlink resent communication has changed.

This may help to solve the problem.

At 10:39am on July 1, 2011, Hans Kulker said…



I have now updated to APM is 1.0.22 and firmware AC 2.0.31 beta.

I have now the same problem

The USB communicatie with Mavlink is not fixed.

At 4:12am on July 5, 2011, Clinton Wyatt said…
buying more parts with my tax return so will have the hexacopter done by next month :o) YAY
At 9:33am on July 8, 2011, The Old Flyer said…


Here are the notes I made during the test of Planner 1.0.30 and my APM2560 board.


NOTE: APM System is installed in the Telemaster 

PC: Dell INSPIRON N4010  

PC Port:  USB   COM 4 115200 bd


Operation of HIL with:

Release version of APM, latest Planner, APM2560, IMU rev H


APM Version APM 2.2.1

X-Plane Version 9.70 

Planner Version 1.0.30 Build 1.0.4205.36092  


Started Planner with console on: 

Request stream MAV_DATA_STREAM_EXTENDED_STATUS at 1 hz : currently 0

bps 1160 loss 2 left 11

remote lost 0

... ... ...


Planner > Firmware > ArduPilotMega 2.2.1 HIL

Mode: CLI Terminal > setup > erase > reset > radio > modes > logs

(Show Settings worked)

Mode: FLY

Planner > Configuration > Connect  (no param values)  Went to Flight Planner then back to Configuration. Parameters now updated.

Load .param file > (several green boxes) Write Pids  NO ERROR MESSAGES!

Planner > Flight Planner > Load WP File > LOOKS GOOD!

Started X-Plane > Located plane at end of runway (paused)

Planner > Simulation (Gains as before) > Start

X-Plane > Take Off  CRASH!


I am sure the problem is the board.  This afternoon I will replace the 2560 board with the old 1280 one.


Thanks for your help.

At 9:20am on July 10, 2011, The Old Flyer said…


Yesterday, I was able to use v1.0.32 for my HIL simulations of a photo mission.

I was working on relay control issues and last night I started making progress.

This morning I updated to v1.0.33 but I can not make connection.

Here is the error report:

At 1:00pm on July 10, 2011, The Old Flyer said…


My problem is NOT v1.0.33 but my APM board set.

I'll let you know what the problem is.

At 11:08pm on July 19, 2011, Clinton Wyatt said…

yep, sure am, i figured i may aswell buy them when i had the money. all soldering done now :o)


At 1:20am on July 20, 2011, Clinton Wyatt said…

Hey Mate, just thought id let you now i found a little spelling mistake in the mission planner, no biggy but thought you may want it pointed out..... its in the "Log section"  under "Show Settings" and its the Batt "MOINTER" .... :op

At 4:49pm on July 27, 2011, Giuseppe said…

Hi Michael, I'm one of the luky users of your APM. It is more than what we aspect...but I've got a little request: is it possible to change grid type, as UTM or MGRS instead of Lat Long?

Thanks a lot for your help.

At 6:32am on August 11, 2011, Hans Kulker said…



I find the APMplanner a good program.

It still is developed by and is even more beautiful it becomes more user friendly.


Where can I find what changes in the software between the different version numbers.

This seems very interesting and I think more people.


The same goes of course with the firmware versions.


I like to hear where I can find.



At 11:28am on August 22, 2011, avionics said…

Hi Michael;


I downloaded the latest APM 1.0.56 and all ok but in the configuation page. and when i want to change values in the Nav Pitch AS Pid window can not input anything also the up/down arrows to change the values also not working. when i change the MAVlink parameters they dont appear in Nav Pitch AS Pid window? as before as soon as i loaded the parameters they all appeared but after up date this problem has come, is this a problem? or a new feature? 





At 10:40pm on August 22, 2011, avionics said…

After rechecking everything again i noticed that the air speed sensor is not enabled any more which perhaps that suggests why i do not get any info in the Nav As Pid window. I couldnt enable the speed sensor until now!!?? I will need to dive in to the circuits to make sure i have a good connections and i get the right voltages but it was working fine before. could this be something in the software that it doesnt allow the air speed sensor to be enabled? I wonder?







At 8:59pm on August 24, 2011, Allen Bishop said…



Thank you for responding to the issue I had with altitude differences in FLIGHT DATA and FLIGHT PLANNER.  I do have another question - In FLIGHT PLANNER 1.0.57 there are now four parameters.  I assume Param1 is time over  waypoint in minutes and are entered as 1 through 60.  Param2 is altitude above the ground so if I am going to waypoint #2 and the terrain is 5,320 feet and Parm2 is 100, that will cause the quadra to arrive at 5,420 feet + or - an error rate.  Parm3 is Latitude and Parm4 is Longitude.


When I create a set of waypoints and I click on WRITE WPs I am getting the following error:

ERROR:  System.Format.Exception: Input String was not in a correct format at system. at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer&number, NumberFormatInfo, Boolean parseDecimal) at System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatINfo info) at ArdupilotMega.GCSViews.FlightPlanner.<BUT_write_Click>b_7()


Any suggestions?




At 8:18pm on September 3, 2011, Rana said…

Hi !

Yes, I would like you to vote on a new poll, "Autoload waypoint on apm connect.





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