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At 11:02pm on June 30, 2014, John said…

We found it is in the source code of the mission planner:

Mission Planner source code file ElevationProfile.cs line 186

            if (list.Count < 2 || coords.Length > (2048 - 256) || distance > 50000)
                CustomMessageBox.Show("Too many/few WP's or to Big a Distance " + (distance / 1000) + "km", "Error");
                return answer;
At 5:36pm on July 1, 2014,
Michael Oborne

like I said, its a google limitation, remove at your own risk

At 2:00pm on August 15, 2014, Fatima said…


I wish express my deepest gratitude, for your valuable software.

I wanna read the telemetry log files (.tlog or/and .rlog) in MATLAB, I don't want to use Mission Planner to convert these files to .mat, I want to read .tlog with my MATLAB codes, directly, but I don't know the exact format of .tlog file, for example, from which bytes up to which bytes are related to the value of specific paramteres, Is there any document or related links to help me?

Thanks for your consideration and time, I look forward to hearing from YOU !

At 3:12pm on November 15, 2014, Anders Wikstrom said…

Having my OctoCopter with Pixhawk and uBlox indoors. Having Mission Planner running and the Pixhawk powered from USB. As the uBlox is very, very sensitive it does, most of the time, manage 3D GPS Fix and jumping around my house. This seems normal.
All of a sudden position started to drift south, rather quick. Although ground speed was zero the position and DistToMAV increased to more than 500 000 meters, then jumping all way back to my house. As I'm writing this the same happens but in opposite direction, more than 730 000 meters

To me this seems to be a bug in this fantastic Pixhawk software. Can't this happen in real flight situations? Running the latest Beta software.
At 3:32pm on November 15, 2014, Anders Wikstrom said…
I have ordered an AttoPilot 180Amp to measure voltage and current. My question is. Does the Pixhawk calculate power drawn from the batteries and the distance back to point of start to be able to securely do a RTL before it will fall down, or does the Pixhawk use the voltage only to see when it's time to land and leave it up to the pilot to be near enough when this happens?
Depending on battery condition, wind and load this may change from time to time.
I've seen, in Mission Planner, that you can tell the Pixhawk how many mAh of energy you have connected.
A flying swede
At 7:47pm on December 29, 2014, chenkun said…
 I do not know how to use  MAV_CMD_CONTINUE_AND_CHANGE_ALT, MAV_CMD_DO_GO_AROUND in the mission planner,  if the UAV in auto mode, how to set this commands in flight plan?

I've also found that by adding the command to the XML mavcmd file in the Mission Planner folder the new event shows up in the Flight Planner command list. However, when I try to upload the new event to the APM via MAVLink, I get an error that the event was not found.


At 10:45am on February 21, 2015, Elias Check said…

hello, im trying to open mission planner but it opens the dos window and open the start screen of mission planner and stopss. and kepp like this till i make end program . so do u know whats the problem ? thx u

At 2:11am on February 28, 2015, chenkun said…


    I want to do a tricopter flight sim using mission planner and flightgear, but I can not find a tricopter jsbsim model,and I do not know how to revise the quadhi.xml for tricopter, please give me help and some suggestions. Hope your reply. Thanks!

At 2:45pm on March 7, 2015, Chris Leatherman said…

Mr. Oborne,

I am new to the world of Mission Planner and am having issues with getting the HIL Simulator to work with X-Plane.  I follow the steps outlined in ArduPlane manual and the Hobby King website below.  While the communicate with each other there are problems.  For instance the simulated airport location does not show up in the Flight Data tab.  In addition the simulated plane does not respond to inputs from my RC nor do the inputs show up in the Simulation Tab input graph.  Any suggestions on where I am going wrong?  I have included the setup and computer specs.

Thank you for your time.


Type: XPS 15

OS: Windows 7 Home Edition SP1

Processor: Intel Cor I7 CPU 2.20 GHz


64 Bit System


Mission Planner version 1.3.19 build 1.1.5508.10848

X-Plane 10

UAS: E384 with APM 2.6

Controller: Turnigy 9XR

Hobby King: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2034594

At 9:32am on May 7, 2015, Bayu Mogers said…
hello everyone. i want to rebuilt the mission planner. my concept is. "i want give the camera capture in MP with resolution 200x200 pixel, and the result can be displayed in MP. the APM is connected by camera module with OSD" . maybe one of you can give some explanations for me. thanx before
At 5:23am on May 27, 2015, Vikram said…
Hi Michael, first of all thanks for the wonderful software Mission Planner.I would like to ask if you can do the following changes for us on paid basis. We have requirement to change few things in Mission Planner for our requirement:
1. Need to display a polygon according to the mavlink camera angles.
2. Hide the tabs : Donate, Help,Simulation & Terminal

Kindly reply if these changes can be done and what charges may you apply.
At 6:18am on June 19, 2015, Vikram said…
Hi Michael,
Hope you received my previous mail, regarding the camera polygon display development on Mission Planner Flight Screen. Kindly reply how can we proceed. We would like to get these features on paid basis, Kindly reply.
At 10:30am on February 18, 2016, Christian Choj said…

Hi Michael,
I am a student at the Anhalt University and am working for over 4 years with UAV for research purposes.
For my master thesis I am dealing among other things with the Mission Planner.
When analyzing the Mission Planner a question regarding the function Survey(GRID) has appeared, which I can not find an answer so far.
I would be very grateful if you add me and maybe help me in answering the question.


Christian Choj

At 7:53am on May 19, 2016, Farhad Samadzadegan said…

Hi Michael,

Thanks for all of your great works.

In last two last versions That you added the "DO_VTOL_TRANSITION", We have a problem in DO_VTOL_TRANSITION. It seems that it use the same  ID cod of 184 which is the Code number of DO_REPAEAT_SERVO!!.

So as soon as we write the point to autopilot and read it again, the situation of way points change to  DO_REPAEAT_SERVO!.

2 0 3 184 4.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 33.046479 58.497080 100.000000 1


At 8:37pm on May 19, 2016, Farhad Samadzadegan said…

Thanks for your reply.

We found the problem when we did the flight plan in the "Flight Plan" Module of Mission Planner.

1-We do planing for VTOL takeoff and Land but fly as plane,

2- If you write these points to APM and then read from board or save them to file and load it again, you will see that in both situation the Situation of Points changes from "DO_VTOL_TRANSITION" to "DO_REPEAT_SERVO".

When I checked the file I saw that the program generated the Activity code of  184 for these points that are for "DO_REPEAT_SERVO".

Please in attach, find the sample files of what we plan and what the program generates.





At 8:48pm on May 19, 2016, Farhad Samadzadegan said…

Sorry, I had a mistake in attaching the files,

Please consider these Files





At 8:42pm on August 12, 2016, 张先生(yoo) said…
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At 5:10am on September 19, 2016, Farhad Samadzadegan said…

Dear Michael,

Referring to my past comments about the problem, "DO_VTOL_TRANSITION", in current version 1.3.40, still we have that problem and the system consider it as, "DO_REPEAT_SERVO".  It would appreciate if you could kindly fix this case to use the transition process by mission planner.

Best Regards

At 9:54pm on October 5, 2016, Max Garcia said…

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At 9:13am on January 29, 2017, Pavle Dukanovic said…

Dear Michael,

I was in contact with Randy Mackay according a new driver for a cheaper serial Lidar. I was not satisfied with your latest software you left on Github. In the Missionplanner software you left, there was no full parameter list.

Then I downloaded the software of Ge Changli. I also found it on Github. I conected my drone as usual to the Missionplanner and then I was arming the drone. Suddenly my drone started to fly in the room and crashed with a severe damage. Then I saw that Ge Changli was modifying your software. At least all six propellers had to be exchanged at my drone. I was trying to contact Ge Changli but I couldn't figure out his address in the internet. Do you know Ge Changli and can you help me to contact Ge Changli?

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