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At 10:54pm on September 3, 2011, Nick Mann said…
Mate, just realised that you're a Westralian. And a key figure in ardupilotry. Nice work, another leader from the west!  Your program is incredible, almost impossible to believe it's free. Thankyou so much. 
At 10:46am on January 31, 2012, Rafael said…

Good morning Michael,

I am a really new member of your community. At first I would like to thank you for your work and software development APM Planner.

I think it is a real privilege to have this program.

Two month ago I bought a ”APM-1 2560 + GPS MediaTek MT3329”.

I did several simulations with “X-Plane 9” and “APM Planner v.1.0.99” modifying the “APM_Config.h” file of “Ardu Plane 2.26” following the instructions of the wiki:

#define HIL_PORT 0
#define GCS_PORT 3

It worked perfectly and it was an impressing experience.

One week ago I tried it again with a new software:

-   X-Plane 10

-   APM Planner v.1.1.28 (now 1.130)

-   ArduPlane 2.28 (modified)

And I have been frustrated because of the situation, because I cannot simulate with X-Plane 10.

The GPS maintains an intermittent blue light (1 second). Sometimes, after several hours the real position of the APM Planner keeps fixed but by pulsing “Home location” the system cannot update the dates of the position of the X-plane.

I have ordered a new GPS in DYDDrone Store and  an IFTDI cable for if I needed to update the firmware of the GPS.

I really hope you can give me some advice about how to solve this problem.

Thank you very very much again for everything.

With nice regards,


At 10:41am on March 8, 2012, wilson javier madrid sossa said…

hello michael sincerely. my name is wilson madrid of Colombia and thank you very much for everything you bring to this system.
Are XAircraft ESC's support to the ARDUCOPTER system? If so, I amopen to suggestions. XAircraft the esc's use a different pulse-length rangethan regulate esc's.
"Between 200us Pulse width and can be Used 1200US tuning for power."

If you can your range in September for the esc's in the firmware Then YouShould Be Able to Use Them. Also I this was a problem With TheOpenPilot? CopterControl? But It Was Overcome board by using the range200-1200.

Where in the code can be changed ARDUCOPTER V2.49?

the thing is like changing the codes for these speed work.

thank you very much and appreciate your support. I can write to e

At 4:13am on April 14, 2012, prof.avi.levy said…


I install APM planner 1.1.65 and the latest firmware 2.33 on APM 1 with airspeed, gps, and Xbee communication.

Since I update the firmware I retune the PID (FBW A) again and than starts the auto navigation.

I have 2 problems with the setup and I will be appreciate it very much if you can advise me how to overcome the problems.


1)      On navigation program (auto) while turning more than 90 degree the plane is losing about 10m in height and regain it after it complete the turn. This problem doesn’t see in about 90 degree turns or less. I tried to increase the pitch to comp from 0.2 to 0.3 and it did not solve this problem. Instead every 90 degree turn, it went up by about 10m while the problem on larger angle left the same. Could you please advise me how to solve this issue?

2)      Navigation stoped working after pressing restart mission in the APM planner.  The yellow line is pointing correctly to the 1st waypoint however the plan flying in direct line as I left it before changing the mode to auto. I uploaded the mission again and the problem persists. Could you please advise the source for that problem and how to overcome it?

Thanks in advance




At 7:11am on June 12, 2012, Maqbool said…

hello! sir i am looking for ARDU PILOT MEGA KIT that include OIL PAN REV-h IMU board((https://store.diydrones.com/ArduPilotMega_IMU_Shield_OilPan_Rev_H_V1_0_p/br-0012-01.htm). i want to ask does sensors (accelerometer and gyro) are already mounted on it or i have to order these sensors separately!

At 10:44am on August 24, 2012, Tom Petruzzelli said…

Hi Mike:

I 'am trying to find information on FPV video receiver hookup, from analog video 
Rx, so that I can display video with OSD on ground station screen. I cannot seem to find much info or diagrams to do this. Do I use a USB capture card? Is there a site explaining how to interface a video receiver to a laptop to display video and data? - thanks -Tom

At 10:13am on September 4, 2012, Connor said…

Thanks for all your help with the joystick control of the APM1. I have managed to get the new 2.6 code to compile using the IDE and i have edited out the "trim_radio();" you said to but i have no idea what to do with the 


RC1_MIN = 1000

RC1_MAX = 2000

RC1_TRIM = 1500

Section of what you said. Where is it in the code or where do i have to put it? 

Thanks again for all the help :-) 


At 9:01pm on November 10, 2012,
Richard Boyhan

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work.  Mission Planner is a sweet bit of code, very nice job!  I'd like to buy you a beer, but since you live half a world away and I don't have any current plans to visit Australia, I thought if you had a PayPal account, I'd like to donate some money for a beer for you.  Thanks again.


At 2:27am on April 25, 2013, Kevin said…

Dear Michael Oborne,

Thanks for your comment. We have 40m and 60m now. Later we will launch 80m,100m,200m. Could you please tell me your email address so that I can send more information to you? Then according to your requirement, I will give you best offer. Thanks.

Best regards


At 6:03pm on April 28, 2013, Kevin said…

Hey Michael,

How are you? Do you receive my comment? Is there any problem?

Please visit our website www.dobiy.com to see more information about our product.

I would like to add some pictures here. If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards


At 9:13am on May 16, 2013, Galaom said…

I have project which i have to use LabVIEW.
I am trying to use LabVIEW GCS for my APM 2 instead of mission planner, but i could not get the reading from APM. I am using ArduCopter V2.9.1 Quad. What should i modify to make it work.

This is a picture for what i am getting.

As you can see above , when i open the "Debug Data" option i see like what is written above. The IMU data can not be shown.

Thank you.

At 2:11am on August 11, 2013, Nick said…

Great to see the 'Changelog' on the Help screen but your 'Welcome' has been corrupted

At 10:07pm on March 2, 2014, Thiago Gabriel said…


I would like to draw two questions: the first is whether it is possible to update the GPS via the USB cable of the MPA and the second question is whether there is any possibility of the U-blox NEO GPS 6M APM protocol to communicate with the RTCM protocol. I want to use the BNC BKG NTRIP Client software.

At 3:16am on March 3, 2014, DAVE BEHR said…

Hi Michael - I have an APM 2.6 (Skywalker) with 3DR telemtry radio's. Have a problem from the MPL-1.2.97 when trying to Connect to the COM3 (or other) port. get the message "Access to the port COM3 is denied" and a dump, all drivers are correctly installed and OK. It is installed on WINDOWS 7 Professional. When testing on my XP-PC works OK or on another laptop (win 7 Home). Only on this Laptop i can't get it to communicate.The radio's seem to be OK , as the Green LED is On and the Red is Flushing.

I want to load a Grid of points to the plane from the MPL


David Behr

At 2:31pm on March 8, 2014, Wilfred Swinkels said…

Michael, I am allmost certain this is not the place for a bug report, but here it goes.

I live in the east part of Belgium., with a compass declination of 0deg 47min. the websites gives me degrees so to convert to radians, 47/60 times pi/180 = 0.01367 radians (correct?)

when I try to put that number into flightplanner, compass_dec, it (write params),(refresh params), it returns 136,000 and that cant be right. MP1.2.97 build 1.1.5167.24804  thanks, Wilfred

At 12:16pm on March 15, 2014, John Rankin said…

Hi Michael,

Is it possible to get Mission Planner to log the XYZ roll pitch yaw when the camera trigger is activated?  Each camera and trigger are different so there would also be a need for a method to add a delay so those values are collected as close to the time of exposure as possible.  The reason I ask is because many of us are using Mission Planner for mapping and we need those parameters to post process our imagery. 

Thanks for any help you can offer.John

At 8:44pm on April 9, 2014, Frank Vitale said…

Michael,is there any way I could get you to look at an issue I'm having with both the APM 2.6 and pixhawh,as I cannot get anyone to answer.my problem is in the unassigned cat /yaw overcompensation/Frank Vitale please I came over from nazaand want to stay with these marvelous flight controllers.

At 7:55am on June 11, 2014, Jose Maldonado said…


I am using Mission Planner v1.3.5 and there's a Motor Compass Interference test in config/tuning >> optional hardware >> compass/motor calibration. 

1. How do I run that test or where could I find proper documentation for it?

2. How is tis test different from the compassmot test in the command line interface?

At 6:29am on June 30, 2014, John said…

HI Michael, we are doing a demo for a client who wants to do pipeline surveillance and we are trying to do a mission planner over 30 miles, but when when we click on the elevation graph, we are getting the message that it cannot be done. We need urgently your help. The message is Too man/few WP's or to Big a Distance 50km.  We need to know how can we make the distance much more longer. 

At 10:14pm on June 30, 2014, John said…

HI Michael, we found in the source code of the mission planner that the limit set of the elevation graph is 50km, we need to know how can we fix it? 

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