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At 4:37am on April 16, 2009, Michael said…
Hi automatik,

I am trying to find your post on making the executable from labview. I am keen to either make my own executable of the GCS or get my hands on one to test it.

At 3:10pm on August 7, 2009, Reto said…
Hi automatik. I just came back from a 2 week vacation in Spain and Southern France, so I had no opportunity to follow DIYdrones. For the Xbees 868 the data flow stops when the 10% duty cycle threshold is reached or when the chip gets too warm (60 and something degrees celcius if I remember well). You may try to limit the data flow even more, or you may try to cool the thing down someway. I tried to limit the data flow, and it is effective to some extent. But I think we can forget using the 868 for the ArduStation telemetry for now because there's much too much data in the ArduPilot standard data stream for that RF modem. In the meantime I switched to the Pro 60mW and to the Pro 900. They both work flawlessly. Hope this helps. But of course, report back any test result you got with the 868 in the appropriate post. It could help us find a way using them.
At 4:38am on October 4, 2009,
William Premerlani

You are correct. There is a typo in equation 20 of the paper on the DCM algorithm. Thank you very much for finding it.

Best regards,
Bill Premerlani
At 7:16pm on October 7, 2009,
William Premerlani

In the DCM paper, we used the standard aviation axis conventions, shown in Figure 3 on page 9. These conventions were used to derive equation 17 on page 15.

The X axis runs through the nose of the plane. Vector values are positive toward the nose. The X gyro produces a positive signal when the left wing raises and the right wing lowers.

The Y axis runs through the wings. Vector values are positive toward the right wing. The Y gyro produces a positive signal when the nose pitches upward.

In the implementation of the DCM algorithm in the released firmware, the X and Y axis are rotated 90 degrees. In that case, the X axis points to the left wing, the Y axis points to the nose.

Best regards,
At 6:37pm on October 9, 2009, Joe Conner said…
I see that you've built an automomus RC truck around the Arduino autopilot and GPS sensors. I was wondering if you could help me out with a few pointers and answer the following:
1. Which version of the code did you use?
2. What did you set your gains to and did you use the full PI controller or just P?
3. Did you set the heading_limits to 25degs or less?

I've been trying to use the 2.3 ver in walkaround mode and have had problems getting the gains tuned in right. Currently I'm using only the P term and it is set to 0.3 with a limit of 15degs on the heading errors. Any help you can give would be greatful.
At 7:38pm on November 8, 2009,
William Premerlani
Hi automatik,
Thank you very much for the information about the Xbee and the gyros. I will use 9" separation as a rule of thumb.
At 2:39pm on January 6, 2010, Daniel Svensson said…
is it hard to build a Predator RC so youll get Both foto and Video Recon and have the abuility to connect a GPS pilot. Im Working on a Project for a MIL.sim,,,,, And i need some help with knowledge... what do i need to get ? Witch parts ? And Program
At 3:10pm on January 6, 2010, Daniel Svensson said…
well im going to build a real one to use in Mil.simulations like big Airsoft games and so on.
So its probably will look like the predator in my library but with GPS Autopilot and Live video feed to me and the squad leader. Its only in the beginningface right now i have to look up tons of info before bying what we need.
We are going to do a proto type and if that works in the field.... Were gonna sell it with some other secret projects.
Im just working with a small part of the complet project.
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At 1:16pm on March 17, 2010, Chris McNair said…
Hey very nice work!

I would like to talk to you about AttoPilot and some ideas we have.

At 11:47am on May 12, 2010, DougB said…
Done, thanks for the heads up
At 11:10am on June 5, 2010, hawk said…
So thanks automatik's
At 10:54pm on July 8, 2010, JOHN PIZZICARA said…
If that's the only malicious hack that has made it through, you're doing amazingly well!

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