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At 10:46pm on June 6, 2010,
Shoot! Here's a link to what I'm referring to. Sorry for two comments when one could have done the trick

Frequencies Used Discussion
At 8:35am on June 12, 2010, Donald J Millet Jr said…
Chris, do any of the DIY autopilots use aileron/rudder in combination for making turns as would be done in a piloted plane?
At 4:02pm on June 18, 2010, Rick Hannon said…
Chris, I've got a software question for you. I'm incredibly new to this so sorry for asking what is probably a stupid question. Will the software for the upcoming arducopter be for pc/windows computers only? How about for the Mac? This ? coming from a pro photog that really only ever uses/owns Mac computers as do most of my contemporaries. If it's for the pc only, what specs would I need to get the arducopter up and going? ram/processor speed, fun stuff like that. Tnx! Rick
At 7:19am on August 11, 2010, Brett Glossop said…
The documentation is really coming together for APM - big thanks Chris from me. BrettG, downunder (aus). The project and people are fabulous!
At 3:15pm on September 19, 2010, Commander said…
Chris, could you contact me about a project?
At 11:19am on October 11, 2010, Rhine said…
hi chris,
i was wondering if maybe u can sale me one of those ar drone that came in the white box to me with the blue motors i was hopeing maybe u can sale me one sent u got 2 drone!! well please write me back
At 8:29am on October 28, 2010, Nick Mathis said…
I'm a senior in high school looking to use the arduPilot in my Autonomous Underwater vehicle and would like to know what resource I could use to get an understanding of how the arduPilot works. I already looked at the manual but it gave me instructions on how to set-up the arduPilot and not how it works.
At 12:30pm on December 28, 2010,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson
Ron, please ask general questions in the discussion forum, not on my personal page. Thanks!
At 7:32pm on January 10, 2011, victor_cool said…

hi Chris,I have few questions to clarify with you. Quite urgent because few more days left to project deadline in school.

1. I uploaded the ardupilot 2.72 code, but i don't sure whether do i need to solder this setup as shown below ? without soldering the above setup, i still able to move my servo output 1,2,3,4. But sometime, when the mux's light lighted up, servos can't move and jitter.


2. I would like to move my servo 3 and 4 by pressing my laptop keyboard; to do some simple tasks like moving camera etc. which function under should i edit ?

I did try to edit this part but it didn't works.

void set_ch4_degrees(float deg);

when my deg is between -45 to 45.


Appreciated if you could really help me ! Thank Chris !

At 10:59am on January 12, 2011, hemanthtguru said…
hi chris iam real hurry so please answer my question soon,

can use normal propellers in quadcopter build using arducopter platform or should use only counter rotating props
At 11:04am on January 12, 2011,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson
you need two regular and two pusher props. The pairs must rotate in opposite directions.
At 8:38am on March 28, 2011, John said…
Hi Chris

I need some help with the setting of the 2.4ghz Xbees.(XBP25-B)I cant seem to get them to pair/send recieve data even in Hyper terminal running on two com ports with FTDI cables on both DIY Drone Xtremebee v12 adaptor bourds.
I have posted at the botoom: and chatted with Anologue about some help, but no luck.
I can change firmware on Xbees with X-ctu, Test all come back ok, reads and writes firmware all ok. but I can seem to get a sucecfull range test or send receive data in hyper turminal. Ive tried the jumper you recomend between +5v(V+) and CTS, still no luck.

Any ideas?

Thanks John
At 3:24pm on May 16, 2011, Francis Pelletier said…
Hi, would it be possible for you to give me the hole to hole dimensions and screen dimensions for the ardustation? i'm going to panel mount it but I don't have one yet

At 3:52pm on June 22, 2011, Wanabigaplane said…
"Cannot believe....UAV as first RC project" ??  Tridge was on his third airframe before he tried flying in manual !!
At 2:55am on July 9, 2011, Eye-in-the-sky said…



I am new to APM and would like your advise. I too fly delta wings and the APM 'out of box' configuration is for Skywalker. Please could you tell me what configuration changes I have to make on my APM to accommodate a 55in flyingwing? Thank you.


Eye in the sky.

At 8:09am on July 9, 2011,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson
I'm afraid I've never tried a flying wing myself, but others have and it works well. I suggest you start with the default values, which are conservative and should fly anything okay.
At 5:54pm on July 27, 2011,
William Premerlani

Hi Chris,

I just realized that I duplicated your link to UDB logo in your posting. Sorry.

Best regards,



At 11:49pm on December 7, 2011, Gisela & Joe Noci said…

Hi there Chris,

I wanted to fly the T3 course today, and set it up on our GCS and flew 'hardware in the loop' first as I believe the leg lengths are to short for my plane..everyone else wanted the legs shorter, I want them longer....Obviously the accuracy of track is dependant on the flying speed, airframe agility ( how fast and how far can you roll...) and size of airframe. You have seen my posts on GUPPY, HORNBILL, etc, and I would have liked to try one of those airframes but the turn radius is to large for the leg lengths - a bit late now to add another catergory, I guess!  The HW in the Loop test showed what I suspected - spend more than half the leg length in the turn @ 22m/s airspeed, and max 40deg roll angle. A 55deg roll angle improved things, but GUPPY was not supposed to be an aerobatic ace...


In real flight GUPPY and HORNBILL fly over the waypoint within the GPS accuracy.


Have fun!



At 2:42am on December 18, 2011, filip vandamme said…

Hi Chris,

I'm a newbee living in Bali. I just bought a hexa from JDrones (Jani). I was wondering if I could bother you (or anyone else for that matter) with my setup questions .....I understand if you say "no", no problem. But it's hard to get started when you're not really into electronics like me. I would really like to get my hexa flying, it's frustrating. In case you want to read it, I join my current state :

I set up the software first, then got to the port which was selected automatically by my PC : COM13. I had the transmitter switched on, the receiver connected and the hexa powered by the battery. I did this with a wireless internet connection, and outside to have the GPS locked (which seemed to be the case as the blue LED light on top was steady and stopped blinking, as well as the red LED on the side of the board. I got to connecting the hexa with the Mission Planner, which worked, I downloaded the firmware (with a lot of blinking LED's and beeps) and then I started the rebooting as the first step of the APM setup which is supposed to last for about 60 seconds right? Then I got blocked. Somewhere halfway the rebooting, the connection is broken. I'm asked to reconnect. A message asks me if I have the switch in “fly mode”. If you look at it from outside the hexa it is switched to the right, and away from the set of cables connected to the board, that is OK, right ? The MAVlink then tries again, runs out of time (30 seconds) and a message asks me : “It seems you don't have the proper firmware, you want to download it first ?”. Although I already did that before the rebooting. So, I ran through the same process again, with the same result : the connection is broken in the middle of the rebooting, and reconnecting seems impossible. Again I'm asked to download the firmware.

What's going wrong ? Who can help me out please ? Newbee Filip.

At 8:49am on December 18, 2011, valentin colon said…

hi, chris, Need some help with this usd comunication issue

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