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At 7:44pm on December 19, 2011, Allen Bishop said…


Are you confident that I can load and fly Arducopter 2.1 release on both my DIYDrones Quad and my Hexa?

I plan on testing waypoints very rigerously as well as using FailSafe to generate a RTL after turning off my transmitter.

There seems a lot of discussion about 2.1 and really want to get an opinion from you.

Thank you



At 7:54pm on December 19, 2011,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson

Allen: I've never flown a Hexa so don't have any first-hand experience there, but 2.1 works great on my 3DR and Jdrones quads.

Failsafe in the case of RC transmitter failure depends entirely on the brand of RC transmitter. Some generate predictable signals in the case of failure, others do not. I only use Futaba RC gear, so I don't have any experience with others, but I'm able to configure my 9x correctly for failsafe. No promises on other brands, and that's true for any autopilot--the RC industry has been badly neglectful in setting common standards on what should happen in case of RC signal loss, so it's a bit of a crapshoot unless you're lucky enough to have one that can be set up properly.

At 4:25am on December 24, 2011, sagar sharma said…

Hello chris, really your efforts in spreading the understanding of aerial vehicles are great...i am also designing a arducopter but facing problems in understanding the RC control of it...basically i am using xbee pro for that.Please guide me in this regard.

Thanks & regards 


At 9:47am on January 21, 2012, Denny Rowland said…

Chris here's the latest offering coming from our friends in China it is called Ruling.

I'll let you read the rest. I guess they are getting serious. Their new camera mount boosts .05 deg. pointing accuracy but when I spoke to Jordi he thinks we could theoretically see .003 with a modified AMP-2. Which I need to get my hands on?

At 11:15am on March 12, 2012, bcrow said…

Mr. Anderson, greetings; I am new at this so please excuse my naiveté.

I listened to you on NPR (science friday) and wish I had known about DIY sooner. 

I have designed a program / project which involves using a UAS to map a wetlands area in rural Montana. It is a 35 lb. airframe (Inst. suite loaded), the data link is  a 2.4 GHz video downlink, 900 MHz 2-way modem set up for fully autonomous flight (capability) including launch and landing Mission plan created with Cloud Cap Piccolo Command Center ground station software. I have followed several paths to getting FAA info, and I cannot get any answers from any of the FAA people in MT. (one guy said to fly it, and if someone says something to just plea stupid).

What and where can I find out about FAA / FCC regulations? can I fly at 700 ft.without having to worry about FAA? Montana allows for great UAS operation with our wide open space and low population (6.2 people per mile-last census) 


Thanks for your patience-

cheers, byron


At 2:15am on March 13, 2012, Hue Mun Yeow said…

Hey chris,

I am a uni student, planning to make an xbee wireless controller interface with labview VISA serial port for the quadrotor, rather than using the Tx. In the interface, the gyro x, y and z data will be read and write throttle, forward, back, left and right button to control the quadrotor. The problem now is I don't know which pin number to listen with for the pitch roll and yaw, which pin to write for throttle, forward, back, left and right. could u kind enough to guide me or show me some links or direct me to someone which is related to it? i might also need some information on how to change the raw data read to the pitch and roll degree input. lastly, also guide me in how to modify the current quad firmware 2.4.1.

At 6:06am on May 4, 2012, Carl La France said…

Chris I was wondering what is the weight of an apm2  auto pilot with gps and how much room should be left around it for cooling ?and the size and weight of the supporting battery? My boys bought me a Radian Pro for my birthday  it flies well right up to the point it touches the ground with no undercarrage grass has nicked the leading edge of the wings  and  with repeated wing loading the foam in the wings has flexed to the point if I pulled to many G's I could rip them right off . I was looking around for a better air frame on the internet to put the radio and motor on when I came across DIY Drones . Having had years of expierience with glow engine air craft and a spirit glider starting out with a 1 to 1 flight to crash ratio and repair and re figured  C0G we got up to a 3 to 1 hit a plateau then it was 6 to 1  then it was 12 to 1 then it was just being dumb to 1 instead of cut the power at the last second and flair  it was add full power and try to pull up  stufff like that. I have a whole storage box of servos balsa and related rc parts even an unopened rool of ultracote. Since I already have 1/2 an air plane in a box I am going to design and build my own drone . I need the dimensions of the auto pilot and supporting battery so I can make  room for them. I am not interested in sending the drone off into the wild blue yonder to do some secret mission but when the
plane starts getting away from you into the sun and you can't tell if it is coming towards you  or away from you  fvp or compass direction or geo fence would be nice any body that has had their plane in that position knows what I am talking about .( for some reason  the piece of crap phone I got won't load pix on to my computer to show you I am working on it) . To you guys that fly Heli's Quads's Octi's and more my hat goes off to you . It is pure skill !  When I was flying helicopters back in the 1980's the instructor said if you want to get "the touch" try holding your hand flat  put a tennis ball on it then try keeping a bowling ball steady on top of the tennis ball.
Have a good day!

At 3:25pm on May 4, 2012,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson

Carl, the weight is almost nothing: maybe 20-30 grams? There's no need for extra room for cooling, since it generates very little heat.

At 5:10am on May 6, 2012, Carl La France said…

Chris  my cell phone memory card won't load photos into my computer I have had this problem for a while . I took the picture of the radian tried loading it it didn't go  I tried sending it from my phone to my computer it didn't go so I went over to my son's place he copied the photo  into his computer and emailed it back to me I copied it into "my pictures"  that is why it say's "dad's plane "on the photo. I wrote the story in word pad .  I got on line  first time I ever did a "Blog" and copied and pasted the photo and story . I even had trouble doing that I sent the photo before I sent the words I didn't realize  or know how to send them together at the time until  you sent me the e mail. Thanks for cleaning it up it looks good . The drone I am building is going to have an angle of incidence wedge built into the wing  so if payloads of different weights are added or removed from the fuselage the wing can be moved forward or back on top of theplane to re establish the COG. Thanks again


At 6:44am on June 12, 2012, Maqbool said…

Sir i want APM1 kit that include Ardu Pilot Mega and IMU board! I want to ask that sensors (accelerometer and gyro) are already mounted on it or included with IMU board( that i am ordering or i have to order them separately?

I am doing  it for my project on quadrotor and just a beginner so if i am speaking something alien please excuse!

At 1:16pm on July 21, 2012, belkacem guerbasse said…

I have some questions Full ArduPilot Mega 1 kit I want to use for autonomous flight

At 9:36am on July 31, 2012, Franz Bormann said…

Hi Chris,

I am a producer of low cost UAVs from Germany. Is it possible to send you informations about our newest UAV, the EXPLORER ?


At 12:18am on August 11, 2012, John Campen said…

Chris I am trying to find out who developed the Xbee  Xtremebee Pro Adapter boards so I can gets more details how it is built and the schematics so I can try find out what is wrong with two that I have which I cannot seem to get working. Who can I contact and where can I find out more detailed info? I have one from DITdrones and another from Jdrones, but both look identical . These the boards without the USB and that can be connected to the FTDI cable. I think one board is dead because I may have plugged in the wrong wires, but the other should be ok. See my related post. Thank in advance for you help.

At 8:32am on August 11, 2012,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson

John. I think those are all copies or derivatives of the original 3DR board, which you can find (with full eagle files, including schematic) here

At 5:48am on August 26, 2012, Carl La France said…

Chris could you do a short story on Niel Armstrong he was from " The Right Stuff  'he was one of the Greats and a child hood Hero for many . thank you

At 6:17am on September 16, 2012, Altaf said…

Hi, Chris!! Can you please tell me how i can play around with the ArduCopter codes!! Is there any manual ? 

At 10:25am on October 18, 2012, Demetrius Armstrong said…

Hello Chris,

My name is Demetrius and I'm new to this UAV/FPV world of fun.  I would like to know what you think about my HK setup. I have not flown it yet.  I want to fix it up for 1-2 mile FPV flight for now and maybe 5-10 miles later.  I also have a Swift II that I'm trying to figure out the right motor fit to carry this FPV gear.

Here is my setup:  1400mm HK Blixer ARF (  5.8ghz 400mw Vtx ( Vrx( Camera ( Cloverleaf and Planar array antenna, OSD ( Radio rx/tx (  I will use 3s or 4s battery and have separate batteries for FPV system and Flight.

At 6:27am on December 10, 2012, Amy said…

Hi,Mr.Anderson,I'm the journalist of the Money Talks Magazine in China,since I had took part in your lecture of Maker in Tsinghua University,I'd like to have an interview with you,I'm eager to communicate the idea of 3-D printing and the seek of the manufature, looking forward to ur reply,Amy.PS:my

At 10:46pm on December 14, 2012, Virender said…

hey . i am making a miniature sattelite for taking part in CANSAT competition in texas sponsered by nasa . in which i have to land this sattelite on ground station . IN this sattekite they put a EGG and we have to protect this EGG from breaking bcz when this sattelite lands there is a collision between walls of the sattelite and egg , what material or which thing should i used between walls of container so that EGG wouldn't break .... plz help me guys ......

At 6:34am on January 25, 2013, Joshua Johnson said…

Your book Makers will be released in 90 years?! haha

Hope all is well!

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