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Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
Enjoy building and flying UAV of all kinds.
Entered the hobby with multirotors but looking into fixed wings as well.
Interested is different areas such as FPV, autonomous flight, aerial photography/videography and long range flight.

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At 3:12am on May 11, 2014, Matthew Kerle said…

dude, awesome tricopter! is it made off the flite test plans? question, do you get better flight times with it compared to a quad? I'm thinking about building a long-distance UAV, and I have a theory that a tricopter should be more efficient than a quad as you can fit much better outrunner+props on than a quad.

At 6:40am on May 11, 2014, Matthew Kerle said…

thanks for that, very interesting article. I might have to boot up excel and have a play with the formula.

I just realised I didn't work my original comment properly. I spent an evening once looking at long duration quad records (the first place holder is still EndOfDays with this amazing 129min hover flight on a quad!), and it appears the winning combination for endurance/efficiency is spinning the biggest props possible on the lowest KV motors with the lightest frame and highest mAH batteries at the lowest S that can fit the flight envelope.

the trouble with normal quads, is that you usually run out of space to put the props and have to go for a bigger frame, but with a tri, you have a lot more room to mount truly ENORMOUS props, so when I go for an enduro I'm thinking about building a tri rather than a quad, but just going for carbon fibre arms rather than balsa. the rear servo would have to be a monster though...

you're right about needing a plane to go for true long range. in my location I want to be able to go 3km out with confidence, and maybe the odd foray to 5km, but not much further, so hopefully that'll keep my budget down.

please post on here when you finish your current build :) photos and some flight times if nothing else!

btw, which frame are you using for your current build, one of the tarots or a custom?

here's another amazing long distance record holder, I'd love to have a beast like this. He cuts the voltage pretty fine on the return, but a 60min flight time covering 40km is pretty impressive!

20km range (40km round trip, 60min flight time)

700mm wheelbase

17” props

battery 3S 20AH (!!!)

VTx: 1.2g/0.7W

motors: HL-4822/490kv

ESC: HobbyWingskywalker

At 7:58pm on May 13, 2014, Matthew Kerle said…

I know! I didn't even think it was possible! 2 hour hover times aren't really my thing though, I'd be much happier with 30-40min flight times covering around 20kms, flight times come down a lot when you're actively flying with a full load of FPV gear.

have you ever tried out head-tracking with a pan/tilt camera? I'm really interested in giving it a go, but it doesn't seem very popular for some reason. I guess people find it disorienting? And it seems most people are more interested in getting beautiful aerial footage and sport flying rather than exploring with pan/tilt.

>You don't see much cloud surfing with multirotors.

haha, sometimes you do, but not the kind you want!

sounds like a nice build, I'll def be interested in how your flight characteristics change with the lower kv motors and bigger props.

At 7:58pm on May 13, 2014, Matthew Kerle said…

ps - still getting the hang of this forum, at first I accidentally left the above post as a comment on *my* wall, doh!

At 7:59pm on May 13, 2014, Matthew Kerle said…

pps - do you know how to get notifications when people reply to a comment of yours on a discussion without getting notifications everytime *anyone* makes a post? I commented on a popular discussion and I'm suffering now...

At 9:22pm on May 13, 2014, Matthew Kerle said…

Bixler2! haha, I've been getting interested in fixed wing as well (mostly from watching FliteTest episodes), and that's the one I decided I'd get first as well! good choice ;-) I was looking at the Hubsan plane, but for the price and the lack of configurability (that awful RC plus it's crappy camera) it just wasn't in the same league.

I got excited awhile back and bought this in anticipation of when I would have something to actually put it on:

unfortunately I haven't been able to plug it into anything yet :-(

So far I've pretty much only flown micros like the Ladybird, JXD-385,  Hubsan X4 H107L and H107D. I followed the advice of getting lots of practice small before I splash out too much cash, but now I've reached the point where I need something a bit more decent!

So I ordered the following:

The OFM 450 is a pretty decent build, rivalling the TBS disco but without the integrated distribution. I'm waiting for them to arrive so I can start flying! I've already got my Fat Shark dominators which I've used to practice with the little Hubsan FPV quad, and I've got CP antennas so I can practice flying the 450 around. I'm a bit worried about crashing them, and the fact that my first big quad isn't one I've built myself, but ah well, here's hoping I can repair any damage!

Do you find that this hobby is moments of exhilaration in between months of waiting for things to arrive? The Chinese new year this year nearly broke me...

At 10:38pm on May 20, 2014, Matthew Kerle said…

My wife gets annoyed every time a new package arrives, I'm starting to quietly put them aside and put them away in bits so she doesn't notice ;-)

I haven't got FPV working yet, I think pan/tilt is a fair way off yet for me, but I'll be happy just mounting the camera and getting a signal down. struggling with SMA/RPSMA incompatibility at the moment, what a pain in the butt. my vtx is a 600mw boscam 32ch (which is RPSMA), but my fat shark goggles are SMA, so I'm stuck with linear polarisation at the moment as all the spiral antennas seem to come in pairs... 

I had a play with trying to get the pan/tilt signal into my Futaba T8J the other night but it wasn't showing up in the servo menu display. the trinity was beeping and making all the right noises, I'd mapped the channels to FUNC like the manual said and was holding up the trainer switch, so not sure what the deal is. No doubt I'm gonna have to spend hours on forums to figure out I didn't say the correct magic word to futaba...

At 11:50pm on May 22, 2014, Matthew Kerle said…

the next order I do from getfpv I'm going to get a whole swag of rp-sma to sma and sma 90 degree connectors so I can mix and match everything, being stuck on linear polarisation at the moment because of incompatible antenna connectors is such a pain...

where did you get your helical from, how much did it cost? I'm tossing up between helicals and crosshairs for my diversity, crosshair has the higher gain for the size, but much harder to find, and tighter tolerances meaning more chance for dodgy build quality to wipe out gains.

longer term I'm looking at going to either 910mhz or 1.2ghz with one of these:

obviously not strictly legit in oz, but I'll be flying way out bush so hopefully no one will notice.

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