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Help with Camera Battery Hack

Started this discussion. Last reply by Chris Alford May 19, 2016. 11 Replies

I was hoping someone could tell me why this isn't working for me. I have an …Continue

Tower as secondary base station

Started Jul 27, 2015 0 Replies

I have been fiddling with the RFD900 and 3dr radios.  My goal is to have a laptop with the RFD900 connected to a vehicle with either a 3dr radio or another RFD900, as well as a tablet connected to…Continue

Tags: Telemetry, Planner, Mission, RFD900, Tower

Can a Pixhawk be tested?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Thomas Stanley-Jones Jul 4, 2015. 2 Replies

I've attached the log of a Pixhawk I have which came with my first drone.  It experienced a few crashes while I was very inexperienced.  After my last crash with this copter I began to suspect that…Continue

IMU's around the outside of a multicopter

Started May 19, 2015 0 Replies

Hi,Is there a way to mount the IMU's on the outboard portion of a multicopter frame, rather than the center?  I want to build a copter that's just a hoop, with no structure in the middle, but I would…Continue

Tags: multicopter, IMUs, multiple, autopilot


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Sudarshan Wadwale posted a discussion

Sudarshan Wadwale posted a discussion

android Runtime exception in notification channel in Above API level 28

Here i am new for drone application. I have developed android based GCS application but when i run it on above nogat devices then application will be crashed. Error is Notification channel is null. Dronekit API's used for developing the android application.I have attached document of error log.See More

viya posted a blog post

viya posted a blog post

XAG Drone Fleets Take Off for Large-scale Cotton Defoliation Operation in Xinjiang

As a global leading agriculture technology company, XAG has initiated its Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) spraying operation – “Take Off for Harvest Time” for the third consecutive year in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Since late August, over 1500 drone pilots and 1000 crop protection teams with approximately 3000 sets of XAG P Series Plant Protection UAS have convened in Xinjiang to help local cotton growers spray defoliant and boost crop yields.XAG Drone Spraying Cotton Defoliate in XinjiangThis is the world’s largest cotton defoliation operation that involves the use of fully autonomous drones to ensure a cost-effective, eco-friendly machine harvest. Up to mid-September, one million hectares of cotton fields have been defoliated with XAG’s crop spraying drones. It is estimated that the accumulated service record of this year’s operation will exceed 1.3 million hectares, a 200% increase compared to 2018 when XAG served approximately 0.45 million hectares.Defoliation is the harvest-aid operation which applies chemical to accelerate cotton boll opening and encourage cotton leaves to drop from plants within a specific short period time. It is a necessary process to ensure timely, intensive mechanical harvesting and reduce impurities in cotton fibre.Traditionally, cotton was mostly handpicked, but this has no longer been a viable solution due to the rising labour cost and the shortage of agricultural labour. Cotton harvesting machines have been widely adopted to improve cost-efficiency while eliminating a great deal of tedious physical labour. In China, for example, Xinjiang constitutes 85% of the nation’s total cotton production forecast at 6.16 million metrics tons this year. According to Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Bureau, the mechanisation of cotton harvesting has steadily risen from 21% in 2016 to 30% in 2018.However, cotton defoliation prior to the machine harvest used to heavily rely on manual or tractor spraying, both of which have deficiency that either increases the costs of production or results in certain level of yield loss. When people walk into the densely planted cotton fields for spraying, they might accidentally knock the cotton bolls onto the ground, easily get skin injury by thorns or expose themselves to chemical substances. People are reluctant to undertake such overwhelmingly labour-intensive work.Spraying defoliant through large ground-based machinery is highly efficient especially when it comes to scale farming. Yet, it would cause crop damage and soil compaction when the tractor crosses over the cotton fields. For instance, in China’s Xinjiang, the economic loss resulted from tractor spraying could range from 16,000 to 19,200 RMB on a 65-hectare cotton field. In addition, the failure to achieve precision spraying on the appropriate timing might further enlarge the yield gap.XAG had identified such problem back in 2013 and self-developed a fully autonomous agriculture drone specifically designed for efficient, precise crop spraying operation. One XAG P Series Plant Protection UAS can reach the spraying efficiency of 10 hectares per hour, which usually takes 60 workers to complete.Real-time Kinematic (RTK) navigation and Intelligent Rotary Atomisation Spraying system are two core technologies that enable XAG’s drone to precisely deliver pesticides and fertilisers. As a centimetre-level positioning technique, RTK is used to correct meter-level errors and enhance the accuracy of position data in the Global Positioning System (GPS). Equipped with RTK, drones can conduct operation on the pre-set flight paths to prevent overlaps or misses while automatically avoid any surrounding obstacles within the croplands to ensure flight safety.The atomisation spraying system is engineered to atomise liquids into micro-level droplets. The drone propellers can generate powerful downdraft to reduce drifting and ensure that the atomised defoliant evenly adhere to the plant surface. This has proved to conserve 90% agricultural water and save 30% defoliant, compared to the traditional approaches.XAG is the first drone maker to introduce UAS precision spraying technology into the rural area of Xinjiang. To cope with local farmers’ increasing demands for UAS cotton defoliation, XAG deployed over 1000 plant protection drones from all across China and initiated the operation ‘Take Off for Harvest Time’ for the first time in 2017. With the widespread adoption of agriculture drones, the cotton industry has been taking a giant leap forward in sustainability and intelligence.Since tapping into the smart agriculture sector in 2013, XAG has transformed crop protection approach on a wide variety of crops, ranging from cotton, rice, wheat, corn to fruit trees, with its precision agriculture devices operated under high-accuracy navigation network. Artificial intelligence and Internet-of-Things are also developed to help farmers manage their fields more scientifically as well as creating a transparent, traceable food value chain. Up to mid-September, XAG has offered UAS crop spraying services on 20 million hectares of farmlands, which helped conserve 4.29 million tons of agricultural water while reducing 18600 tons of pesticides and fertilisers.original address: XAG Drone Fleets Take Off for Large-scale Cotton Defoliation Operation in XinjiangSee More

phyngineer posted a discussion

phyngineer posted a discussion

Chinese Zhejiang enterprises get the first city drone "Express" license

At 9:15 on October 15th, in the Haicheng Park of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, a drone quickly took off and then flew away. It has 4 cups of freshly brewed coffee in the "belly" and flies to the future research and development park 3 kilometers away to send "Express". Next, the drone distribution area will gradually expand from the test scene of Hangzhou Future Science City to the whole city of Hangzhou.On the same day, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the "Special Class of UAV Test Operation Approval Letter" and the "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Logistics Distribution Operation Permit" to Hangzhou Send Bar Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. This is the first “license” for the pilot operation of a certain type of urban scene for UAVs issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Yin Shijun, chief engineer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that the issuance of this license is a milestone in the field of unmanned aviation in China.Send Bar Logistics is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Xun Ant Network Technology Co., Ltd. The ant ant established in 2015 has grown into a key enterprise in the domestic commercial drone field. Before being granted the operation permit, “Xun Ant” has completed more than 20,000 logistics operation scenario test flights in the test area of ​​Hangzhou City and Huzhou Anji and other mountainous areas, and passed the specific operational risk assessment organized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. And flight verification.At present, in the test site, there are 10 drones delivering nearly 100 dispatches per day.Zhao Liang, chief operating officer of "Xing ant", said that in order to ensure the safety of drone flight, more than 90% of the company's routes are planned to be over the rivers of the city; for various complex weather conditions, there are different plans, "if suddenly In extreme weather conditions such as winds above 5, the drone will not take off; if it has taken off, no one will slow down and fly to the nearest safe standby point."As a leader in China's industrial drones, MMC has made in-depth research and development in industrial drones, and has made great progress in wind resistance, waterproof and dustproof, and can continue to use in complex climates.During the trial operation, the company will use the air distribution network in Hangzhou to provide safe and efficient medical first-aid supplies transportation and instant delivery services in the same city. The far-reaching service distance of the point-to-point is currently 20 kilometers. It is estimated that by 2020, the company will initially build an air distribution network throughout Hangzhou, providing 1,000 operating capacity per day.See More

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Alexei Yankelevich replied to Thomas Stanley-Jones's discussion Parrot Anafi in the group UgCS
"Hi, there is no official support for Anafi in UgCS, so far. Maybe later this year we'll be able to support it if MavLink will be among the supported control protocols for Anafi.  "
Jul 14
Thomas Stanley-Jones added a discussion to the group UgCS

Parrot Anafi

I see the Parrot AR drone as an option in the Profile page of UGCS, but I'm not sure if this is what the Anafi is running or not.  If it is, how do I connect the laptop to the Anafi so that UGCS can see it?  I've connected the laptop to the Anafi's wifi, but UGCS doesn't automatically see the drone like when a comport radio is plugged in, or DJI is on the network.See More
Jul 14

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