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ArduCopter - 3DR
ST800 Bumblebee Hexa
ArduPlane - Condor SkyWalker
Port Shepstone

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The Home Of HighUP and HeiST

I fly here -  SCARF - South Coast Association of Radio Flyers


HighUP - Aerial Photography

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3DR Quad - HighUP

ST800 BumbleBee - HeiST

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THIS Page (DIY Drones) might be slow to load , Pulling in a feed from SCARF website ...

My Build - This is a Feed from SCARF

Carbon Fibre Propellers

Carbon Fibre propellers was put on HighUP. , I don’t know if I want to or if its a fact , but copter feels more responsive AND I'm sure less noise is also generated ....  I think ...

Carbon Props on HighUP 3DR C-Frame Quad

accX/Y/Z Values and 6 Mode Switch on 9X

So , I crashed HighUP :-( ....  All because of the Rotary knob (grrr)  , Me not knowing where it was , thinking it was in Loiter , it was actually in Auto !!! thus it wanted to do way-point flying  , which was 30 Km Away .... fortunately (sadly) it flew into my buildings wall , just . It nearly went over it , and that would have been bad ! Took a 6 meter drop onto cement ..TERRIBLE sound ! This is my first crash since I started with ArduCopter ... So 9 months + . Damage , The Alware landing gear (sad they where awesome)   , 4 props and FPV camera servo broken ...not bad,  going on how it sounded .

Lesson learned , I now use Switches .... I tried this page but this did not work for me but this image by Chris Huitema did work for me ...

eepe - 6 modes er9x

Replace the broken landing gear with original and original props and was flying same afternoon ....

Here's my IMU (Raw) readings ... ( In terminal , logs > enable imu )
AccX ArduCopter

Above / below is the IMU reading AccX/Y  - The AccX and AccY values (primarily used for horizontal position control) should be between -3 and +3 m/s/s , The accelerometer values will change momentarily as the copter moves up and down .

AccY Arducopter

Now if I'm not mistaken or reading this wrong ...this is good ? !!  To read more on what this should be go READ HERE

AccZ - Arducopter

And AccZ - AccZ should be between -15 and -5 m/s/s.

Vibration Dampening Efforts

So we all know this , " YOU HAVE TO ELIMINATE VIBRATION " in the new ArduCopter-3.0.1 software/firmware release . EDIT : To see results CLICK HERE

Below a few Pictures of my efforts so far ...
Arducopter Vibration efforts
The APM is mounted on Soft double sided Rubber tape on to the Range Video Vibration Dampener
Range Video Vibration Mount

The Mount in turn is mounted again on 4 ear-buds cut shorter , to be exact these where one's I got from a Virgin Atlantic flight some time ago ...soft stuff.

Eliminating Vibration

Tried to make all cables going to APM to be flexible , not stiff ...
EDIT : 06/08/2013 .. Here's a link to a Interesting site with lots of good tips on APM ... see all those wires from Receiver to APM ... I now have only three wire's going there with help from above site ... Yeah I know CCPM will have me using one ...question though ..do you trust it ?

APM Eliminating Vibration

Here is a page where they discuss different ways of mountings to reduce Vibration .... So out of the Three they suggest I got two ..

Another Page Discussing Vibration Control ...

ACC Vibration Control - A site selling some interesting products ...

Now to Test ....
EDIT : To see results CLICK HERE

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