43.7km Deep forest - Mini UAV Wing Wing Z-84 second build

This is the second newly build 845mm Wing Wing Z-84 with several huge improvement in both performance, power to weight ratio and onboard video recording unlike the first prototype build. It has all the capability and function like my previous bigger fixed wing UAV spec in a small crampy airframe such as radio data telemetry to monitor my plane movement. Unlike the first prototype build the second build is 2x more power saving and efficient in throttle current consumption which explain such stamina and endurance shown in this video. The drawback is that this particular Z-84 no longer carry FPV live video feed so no video transmitter or OSD module onboard but replaced with 3DR radio data telemetry for OTA last minute monitoring of the plane movement. Its first autonomous mission exceeded the previous record hold by prototype Z-84 going far into deep forest with mileage of 43.7km worth of autonomous trip encounter heavy head winds, hills and wet rain drops at certain parts of area. Overall i'm really happy with my second build and after seeing how it perform it does give a huge blow to all my existing UAV models despite having such a small airframe with little power supply onboard. More likely we're going to see more action and mileage soon after this mission. Details of the hardware setup is inside the video. Enjoy the show.

Wing Wing Z-84 details: http://www.banggood.com/Wing-Wing-Z-84-Z84-EPO-845mm-Wingspan-Flying-Wing-KIT-Green-p-988834.html?p=EM0306363706201312DW

Visit my website for more info on the plane setup: http://www.supermotoxl.com

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