51km Mission River's End - mini UAV drone Wing Wing Z-84 V3.0 (Ardupilot / APM)

My mini UAV drone Z-84 blog build: https://www.supermotoxl.com/fpvuav-models-builds-and-flight-reviews/589-uav-wing-wing-z-84-845mm

Its been quite a while haven't been flying my Mini UAV drone Wing Wing Z-84 v3 so this time i setup autonomous mission flight via Ardupilot /APM Mission Planner to check out the town's main river source where it ended at. Total flight distance will be around 51km should be enough to cover this foreign unknown area deep into isolated area that i haven't explore yet. So enjoy the flight video.

Visit my website for more info : https://www.supermotoxl.com

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