52.1km To the Edge - Mini UAV Wing Wing Z-84 second build.

Yeah tiny 390gram autonomous plane is back. This time i'm pushing up to 52.1km of autonomous flight trip on mini wing wing Z-84 (second build). Back again in my hometown so i decided to use a longer route to reach to the furthers destination goal which is the delta river edge. The wind is slightly windy but fortunately i don't have to fly high altitude because there no hill to dodge around so most are flown much lower altitude than before to get a clear beautiful scenic view all around the surface. Despite having to encounter drizzly rain and head winds on its way home from the river delta the Z-84 manage to return home safely with 44% of power left in its Li-on battery pack. Happy with the Z-84 perfomance despite being smaller in size at just 845mm of wing span.

Wing Wing Z-84 details: http://www.banggood.com/Wing-Wing-Z-84-Z84-EPO-845mm-Wingspan-Flying-Wing-KIT-Green-p-988834.html?p=EM0306363706201312DW

Visit my website for more info on the plane setup: http://www.supermotoxl.com

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