72.6km Attack of Rain Goddess- Mini UAV Wing Wing Z-84 (Hardcore Edition)

This is definately unlike all my flight videos i ever had, not only because it travelled 72.6km but also endure most impossible flight condition ever recorded in the history of home build micro UAV flight. It was clearly a beautiful sunny morning, half hour after launching my tiny Z-84 plane into 72.6km mission flight journey but suddenly mother nature unleashed its unexpected tropical fury upon us. Severe stormy winds and heavy rains on our area, at that time it would be almost impossible for a small plane to return back safely but at last after waiting for more than 86 minutes a great miracle! out of no where the tiny UAV return back completed its full mission flightdespite of heavy rain. The only damages onboard was the RUNCAM F2.8 HD camera and FRSKY radio receiver due to heavy rain water exposure which shorted the electronics. Without manual control during landing procedure we depended on the APM MINI PRO flight controller to level its landing slowly upon losing power and safely landed on the side of bushy hills. The mini Z-84 plane came home severely flooded with rain water, yet still alive and in great condition without a scratch. 4 days after drying the Z-84 plane under the sun it came back alive with 100% electronics fully functional. Awesome! Watch the video and you'll be amaze of this tiny winged UAV! Superb achievement!

Visit my website for more info on the plane setup: http://www.supermotoxl.com/fpvuav-models-builds-and-flight-reviews/589-uav-wing-wing-z-84-845mm

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