ArduCopter v2.4xp2 HELI: Full AUTO-AUTO LANDING with a Raptor 30 type helicopter

Here some videos samples of full AUTO-LANDING tests flights in HIL mode on AeroSIM-RC 3.83 with a Raptor 30 type helicopter (H1) done with the firwmare ArduCopter v2.4xp2 (JLN mod). The official v2.4 firmware has been updated with a special Auto-Landing mod which uses only the BARO sensor.

Tested with an ArduPilot Mega v1.4 connected in HIL mode on AeroSIM-RC v3.83 through the APM Mission planner.

In the video you will see full tests flight in HIL mode of the:
- STABILIZE mode (full manual flight evolutions),
- LOITER mode (GPS position hold),
- FULL AUTO-LANDING with the v2.4xp2

In the test, the helicopter is set in LOITER mode above the ground and then the AUTO-LANDING is trigged by the switch on CH-7 of the transmitter.

More infos at:

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