ArduCopterv2.4.1xp2 + DCM fix tested in flight

Here a video of a full test flight (>5 min) of the firmware ArduCopter v2.4.1xp2 with the new DCM fix with the Quadcopter F450 Flame Wheel.

The purpose of this long test flight is to check if there is a drift of the roll/pitch neutral and if the GPS position is still locked after a 10 minutes of a full autonomous flight in LOITER mode.

Wind 8 Km/h, gusting 11 Km/h.

The GPS position hold (LOITER mode) is accurate and there is NO DRIFT while the time passing. This has been tested on 10 minutes flights.

Avionic setup:
- ArduPilot Mega v2
- firmware Arducopter V2.4.1xp2 + DCM fix

more infos at:

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