Autonomous Thermal Hunting with an ASW-27 e-glider and the ThermoPilot v6.6d

Here a video of a Full Autonomous Thermal Hunting flight with a 4m20 wingspan ASW-27 e-glider piloted by the ThermoPilot v6.6d.

e-Glider: ASW-27 (S2G kit) 4m20 wingspan, weight 4kg5, brushless motor (Cyclon 60), 6S Lipo 2600mAh
Avionics: ArduPilotMega 2560 v1.4 (full Kit with IMU shield)
GPS: Mediatek MT3329
Airspeed sensor: MVXP7002DP
Firmware: ThermoPilot v6.6d by Jean-Louis Naudin

More info at:

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