Stabilize, and Fly By Wire A, both performed well right out of the box with no adjustments to the PID values. Now it's on to Fly By Wire B, and Return to Launch. I don't have the airspeed sensor hooked up yet so it's relying on GPS data from the uBlox for determining speed. I set the cruise speed in the config file to a calculated value that I thought should represent flight speed at 50% throttle. However the values I was getting on my Ardustation for cruise at 50% and were higher than I expected. Then when I switched to FBW-B, with the stick at 50% resulted in lower than expected cruise speed. Obviously I have some work to do there. Return to launch worked well. there was a dramatic dive from an altitude of about 190 meters, to the desired 100 meter RTL altitude. The Ardupilot navigated it's way back home very well, then didn't exactly remain on station around the home position. It didn't want to fall in line and loiter around. Any comments anyone would care to share on these behaviors for FBW-B, and RTL would be welcome!

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Comment by Nathaniel Caner on August 28, 2010 at 6:33pm

Thank you, and your welcome! I think it's just a lot to expect someone to sit through watching yet another in flight video, while trying to determine when something significant has happened. It's hard enough for me to recognize the points where I was flying, and where I engage Fly By Wire or Return To Launch. I certainly can't expect someone else to tell.

Thanks for watching,

Comment by Christof Schmid on August 28, 2010 at 11:04pm
Hi Nathaniel

I was looking at your video several times. There are some behaviors I had when setting up my "EasyDrone". I finally found out, that my PID settings and config settings where not correct. (waving -> PID related, diving in a turn -> PITCH_COMP was to low.
My best guess for finetuning is to set up this GCS . Then adjust all the settings in FBW mode for crisp response. PITCH_COMP should hold your plane level at full bank. In the GCS protocol you can see the altitude changes better than when you watch the plane from the ground.
This way I had good results. Maybe you can use the newest 2.7 release. Jason made some significant changes to r1460. I add my kml file for your reference, thats finetuned.... (r1450)

Comment by M Awais on September 6, 2016 at 7:47am

Plz tell me whether throttle can be manually controlled during FBWB or by APM only?????/


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