The Open Source Remote Control (OSRC) isn't a transmitter, and it's not a receiver, it's an open source remote control system! The OSRC offers FPV capabiliti...

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Comment by Redemptioner on January 10, 2013 at 6:00pm

Yup, Already made contact to get my hands on one of the "bells and whistle” version. I won't be buying any other FPV/TX/RX again if this thing works the way it sounds. I am also waiting on a reply to see if the unit works over the mobile network (I get this assumption for the data carriage type and the fact it will take a sim card). If he makes it take other sensors such as sonar/optical flow/airspeed/laser rangefinder over a digital connection then I am sorry to say but the APM 2.5 will be going in the bin.

I love the fact I can have multiple FPV units attached to the one unit as well as multiple video streams and multiple controls plus the fact you can plug in my current TX/RX units for the simple models I have and still have another 40 digital channels to play with. If he can add the force feedback using the accelerometer/G-meter then it will be just amazing. The only step to move to from this is something that will allow a joystick to be connected through a wireless buddy box again with the force feedback working as well.

I also shows you the ridiculous margin that the likes of Futaba put on their radio gear…..


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