FPV Pitch black night - 4x4 drone off-roading: 10428A Twin Hammer vs Tamiya Land Cruiser

FPV off-road setup documentation: https://www.supermotoxl.com/fpvuav-models-builds-and-flight-reviews/634-fpv-scale-4x4-off-road-user-guides-a-advance-setup

This time we're going into pitch black darkness of the night with out FPV 4x4 trucks. Our track along the beach side Marina mixed with long solid pavement and also some bumpy, dry, dusty and busy trails at far end of the destination. The are no lamp post around or facilities to lit the area so we have to depended on our home made powerful LED lights powered via 11.1v Li-Po pack to lit the trails. As usual i'm driving my favorite yellow FPV WL-TOYS 10428A@K949 or known as Vaterra Twin Hammer clone and also tagged along is my friend who is on red TAMIYA CR-01 Land Cruiser. Enjoy the video.

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