Low altitude autonomous flight mission with the MaxiSwift piloted by ArduPlane v2.73-xp1

Here a video of a low altitude flight autonomous mission (< 30m AGL) under flight plan with a MaxiSwift flying wing piloted by the ArduPlane v2.73-xp1. There is also an onboard color camera with an OSD (On Screen Data) which shows in real time the flight video and the data on the ground station.

- Avionic setup:
- ArduFlyer v2.5.2 (RCtimer)
- firmware ARduPlane v2.73-xp1 (JLN version)
- GPS: Crius CN-06 V2 (Ublox NEO6M) updated by JLN
- Airspeed sensor MXV7002DP
- OSD Rembizi
- 5.8 Ghz Video link
- CCD color camera for FVP
- Receiver: Multiplex RX-7 mlink
- Transmitter: Multiplex Royal EVO9 mlink
- Lipo 3S 2650 mAh Turnigy
- Brushless motors Spitz 15 #85570 200 Watts 1130KV
- propeller 10x7 APC-E
- ESC 40A for the motor
- Take Off Weight (TOW): 1240 g
- Flight time: about 15 min

More infos at:

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