Maestro FHD Video & Data & RC Transmission System ---M51

M50&M51, designed for drone , is a kind of wireless FHD video and data
transmission system. It has the advantages of small size,low power consumption and
long distance. The system can transmit FHD video, flight control data, gimbal control data,
and RC control data simultaneously. With the H.265 video CODEC and OFDM
modulation technology, M50&M51 can achieve low latency, high resolution video
With advanced radio frequency technology, M50&M51 can support three frequency
bands. Users can change frequency bands easily. Users can choose the suitable
frequency band according to local regulations. The Chinese radio type approval ID is
2019DP8189(CMIIT ID:2019DP8189). Also you can choose frequency hopping or fixed
mode under special conditions.
The air unit of M50&M51 system can be configured to Point-to-Point mode or
Repeater mode. Users only need one more air unit and simple configuration to achieve
long distance transmission. Please watch the instruction video for more information.
M50&M51 has an encryption function. Users can Enable/Disable this function when
needed. It is easy to set encryption code using Maestro Assistant or Web UI.
The device has 2 UART—UART1 and UART2. Two protocols, Mavlink and
Transparent, are supported. Users can use it for flight control data and gimbal control
data transmission. Also the system can improve the RC control distance via the SBUS
port. On the ground unit of M50&M51, there is a USB 3.0 port. User can add a USB
storage device to save the FHD video.
M50&M51 support a variety of video input and output interface, such as HDMI,
Ethernet, SDI, CVBS . It can also match most gimbal on the market

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