ArduCopter show and tell

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Comment by Paul Braun on December 30, 2012 at 9:06am

Great video.  Thanks for sharing.  I'd love to hear more about how the Arducopter is working for you.  Any flight footage?  I didn't see a camera on the Arducopter.  Also, I loved the sneak peek at your Flame Wheel.  Why 2 cameras on your Flame Wheel 450 DJI?  Do you have a mission planning product for that as well similar to what comes with the Arducopter?

Comment by Richard Evans on December 30, 2012 at 10:39am

Hi Paul

The Arducopter is coming along, Compared to my FW450 it requires more expertise and tuning to achieve the stability that the fw-450 has out of the box. However, it is educational and and interesting to get it the that level and I have no doubt that it can be that stable, and then it also has many capabilities that the Fw-450 cannot offer with the NAZA controller.   I have solved most of the stability issues and will post some video soon. Today in Texas, it is cold and damp and not too inviting to fly, so it might not be today. Once I get the stability I need to be confident with it, I will install the FPV gear, and in addition to the telemetry, I think I will add OSD for goggle flight. I hope I can have both telemetry and OSD going at the same time. the lastley I plan to add a camera mount for my GoPro, then maybe some lighting strips like I have on my fw-450.

You asked about why I had two cameras on my fw, it is because I use one for flying, and it doesn't need to be Hi-Def, and then the GoPro is for quality video and stills. It records to the onboard SD card, and sits in its protective waterproof case, while the flying camera transmits back standard def video just for my goggles, and also received my a lcd monitor I have connected to a immersion uno receiver and a DVR to make a record of the flight along with the OSD overlay.  I've been told there is a little delay when tapping the video from the GoPro, but even if thats not true, to tap the video means losing the integrity of the waterproof case it is in.  

here a little video showing how I use the two video sources in my 450.


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