Quadcopter stabilized by the Wii Motion Plus and Nunchuk sensors and a FCWii board.

Here a video of a test flight of my Quad Rotor Observer (QRO) v8 with the FCWii board and the Wii Motion Plus (gyroscopes) + Nunchuk (accelerometers) MEMS sensors
Video flight demo of the Auto-Level mode.

Flight controller hardware:
- FCWii board v1.0 (ATmega 328P, Arduino PRO MINI 5V/16 Mhz compatible) from Fpv4ever
- Wii Motion Plus (genuine Nitendo version)
- Nunchuk (genuine Nitendo version)

Flight controller firmware:
- MultiWii V1_pre7 (compiled with the Arduino IDE) by Alexandre Dubus (Alexinparis)
firmware is uploaded via a FTDI 5V cable.

Quadcopter setup:
- 4 brushless motors DualSky XM2822CA 1450KV 7A
- 4 ESC 12A XC1210-BA
- Lipo battery 3S (11.1V) Turnigy Nanotech 2200 mAh
- receiver Corona CR6D 2.4 Ghz
- home made aluminum frame

The video has been taken with a GoPro HD Wide and a camera head strap

More infos at:

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