Real Flight Vs HIL simulation flight path comparison with the same FPL

Here an interesting test with the real MaxiSwift flying wing and the virtuel model developped for the HIL simulation on X-Plane with the Mission Planner.
The purpose of this test is to compare their flight performances during an autonomous flight of the real model and of the simulated model in HIL mode with the same Flight plan (FPL) and under the same wind conditions.

More infos at:

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Comment by Rana on December 22, 2013 at 9:16am

JLN, I have downloaded this video and seen several times, really enjoying it and infact I wish, Tridge should also this this video. In last one and half month, you have shown lots of flight tests of  "ArduPlane v2.73-xp1" firmware and I would say you have shown enough for what you belive that "ArduPlane v2.73-xp1" is absolutely okay and have no bug.

Comment by Jean-Louis Naudin on December 22, 2013 at 1:04pm

Dear Rana,

As far as I am concerned, the version 2.73-xp1 of Arduplane works very well with all of my tested models (Calmato Alpha 40 Sport EP, MaxiSwift flying wing, MAJA UAV, Easyglider, Easystar, Cularis, ASW-27, ASW-24, Faschionista...). I have tested the ArduPlane v2.73-xp1 version during various weather conditions (calm, windy, gusty and stormy..).

Below the latest cool autonomous flight with a GoPro installed on the MaxSwift flyingwing:

Best Regards,


Comment by Rana on December 23, 2013 at 1:58am

Excellent, really awesome video and yet another demonstration of nice working firmware "ArduPlane v2.73-xp1" !!

I have seen at your Gihub that there are few changes you have recently done in your "ArduPlane v2.73-xp1", why those changes ?

What is new in the "ArduPlaneNG2xR6" as compared to ArduPlaneNG2xR5 ?


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