Search And Rescue (SAR) mission UAV with Ardupilot/IMU by Jean-Louis Naudin

Mission profile: Do Search And Rescue (SAR) pattern with a Cularis (electric glider) used as an UAV.
Flight plan: 8 waypoints, total mission distance 3,151 km
Autopilot: ArduPilot v2.7.4a JLN, ArduIMU v1.6, shield v2
GPS: Ublox 5
Engine: Brushless Spitz 45, ESC 45A
Battery: Lipo 3S1P 2500 mAh
Flight camera : Kodak ZX1 HD
Ground camera: Day vision or FLIR camera
RealTime telemetry with ArduStation and GCS protocol
by Jean-Louis Naudin - October 2010

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Comment by Emery c. Chandler on December 28, 2010 at 12:44pm

Hello sir,

My Squadron had wanted to build a SAR UAV (SAR's are one of are primary jobs) but we had to stop the program because the FAA had regulations against it. I was wondering, how did you get a SAR tech UAV without the FAA causing troubles? Or do you know what they allow and don't allow?


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