My last flight when APM 2.5 glitched on me. Flew fine for a month almost daily. This day, when flipped into FBWA mode, the throttle kicks up and she begins d...

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Comment by Jamie Glover on December 27, 2012 at 7:44pm

At 1:55 you can hear the throttle kick up and the plane begins to descend. This is when I flipped into FBWA mode. when I realized it was descending and unresponsive, I went back to manual mode which still did nothing. Right before it hit the tree, I lost sight of it and you see it try to bank left. I had this problem twice in one day. I posted about this and have yet to really get a solid possibility of a problem/solution. Any ideas. This plane flew outstanding every day for almost a month and then this happend out of nowhere.


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