Successful 7.5 Km autonomous flight of the Cularis UAV with a GoPro HD

Here a video of the 7.5 Km mission #23 during a successful autonomous flight of my Cularis UAV done on April 2011. The purpose of

this mission is to do a 7.5 km autonomous run under a flight plan (FPL). The FPL is composed of 6 waypoints and the Cularis UAV

autopilot run the FPL during 3 loops. After this 12 minutes mission, the battery level was about 24% (Lipo 3S 2650 mAh

NanoTech)... In the video you will see the forward view taken with a GoPro HD and the downward view from the FlyCam One v2 at the

same time.

The weather conditions was cool: Wind 11 Km/h from ENE

The Cularis UAV autopilot setup is:

- Autopilot: Ardupilot (Atmega 328)@16MHZ + ArduIMU flat v2

- ardupilot v2.8.1 (JLN) + arduimu v1.8.3 (JLN)

Sensors: (arduIMU on board):
•3 Axis Accelerometer (ADXL335)
•3 Axis Gyroscope (LPR530AL + LY530ALH)
•3 Axis magnetometer (HMC 5843)
•1 pressure sensor (air speed sensor)
•1 GPS U-Blox5 GS407

Video cameras:
•1 GoPro HD Wide (forward view)
•1 FlyCam One v1 (downward view)

Real time telemetry:
- Low speed with Multiplex M-Link
- High speed datalink with Xbee pro

More infos at:

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Comment by Zachariah L Hanson on April 24, 2011 at 7:51am
Wow another great post and flight, thanks Jean, keep up all the good hard work..


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