The Thermopilot v7.0 in action filmed with a GoPro camera onboard

With the firmware ThermoPilot v7.0 and the ArduPilotMega v2.x board, the e-Glider is able to do a full autonomous Thermal soaring in a specified airspace and also an autonomous cross country soaring mission following a flight plan.
Here a video of a full autonomous Thermal Hunting with an EasyStar 2 (Multiplex) piloted by the ThermoPilot v7.0.
The full flight has been recorded with a GoPro camera onboard.

More infos at:

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Comment by Trung Nguyen on August 2, 2013 at 8:39am

Nice to see this is still active, Jean-Louis.  Your graphic showing how ThermoPilot selects motor, thermalling, and propeller brake based on relationship to target, floor, and ceiling altitude is very informative.

I have seen your autonomous slope soaring videos as well.  Is ThermoPilot capable of some manner of dynamic soaring to regain speed/altitude?


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