Jason Short's Videos (18)

  • Roller 2

    Roller 2

    First outdoor tests of RTL and AutoPilot modes. Also tested FBW mode over some steep hills. HW cons… Tags: Bot, Balance Jason Short Jan 21, 2013 176 views

  • SIM

    SIM 0:22

    Automatic Flip running in my custom AC SIM. This is a full implementation of Arducopter running at… Tags: Arducopter Jason Short May 21, 2012 178 views

  • ArducopterMega


    Just flying around stabilized. Yaw is hybrid hold/rate control. Using new auto-trim feature. Fantas… Jason Short Jan 23, 2011 328 views

  • Massive ACM wreck

    Massive ACM wreck

    Was flying FPV with ACM and misjudged my speed and angle. Wild ride! Yaw hold was having issues, I… Jason Short Jan 1, 2011 112 views

  • GoPro on ACM

    GoPro on ACM

    Maiden of my new GoPro Hero camera on ArducopterMega. Gains cranked way up. Watch it twitch over wh… Tags: Arducopter, ACM Jason Short Dec 28, 2010 134 views

  • ArducopterMega


    This is the Mega version of Arducopter running with updated stabilization. Flying beautifully. Jason Short Dec 12, 2010 332 views

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