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About Ground Control Station User Experience

Hi Guys, Could you give me some impressions about the GCS you use? If you can answer these questions for me, it will be very helpful: - W…

Started by Beatriz Palmeiro in APM Mission PlannerLatest Reply

my diy ground control station

Well first of all I'll start with the reason I chose to build this ground station instead of using a laptop So after many times of carrying…

Started by elad orbach in My ProjectLatest Reply

APM2.5 5V/Vcc Schematic

Frequently asked questions are about powering an APM2.5 or why the same does not work or why it has failed. Here is a simplified schematic…

Started by R. D. Starwalt in ArduPilotMega 2.x hardwareLatest Reply

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Holding pen for posts that have not yet been given a category tag

33 yesterday
Antenna tracker question (sort of)
by steve

Aerial photography

Discussion about cameras, triggering circuits and image processing utilities

1901 Jan 2
Camera top facing forward function
by Johan Wallsten


Discussion forum for balloon electronics and telemetry

17 No activity yet

3DR Radios

Discussion about 3DR radios

586 Dec 19, 2017
Radios connect to each other (LED's solid), but cant connect on the computer? *resolved*
by Tarik Agcayazi


Discussion about the AeroQuad platform

150 Sep 7, 2017
Motors Not Properly Working
by Connor

Aircraft platforms

Discussion about airplane designs and kits

818 yesterday
First Quad Build Help!
by Joe Ernster

Airframe design

Discussion about custom airframe designs

528 Dec 28, 2017
Helibug UAV 800 Gas RC Helicopter with Saito Radial 4-Stroke Gas Engine
by Ali


Discussion on antennas and antenna design

75 19 hours ago
Reply by steve

ArduCopter 1.x

Discussion about the ArduCopter 1.x project

838 Jun 20, 2017
Drawing on 8x32 LED matrix with 74HC154
by yamadanao

ArduCopter 2.x (Multicopter)

Discussion about the ArduCopter 2.x project on multicopters (quad, hex, tri, etc)

4377 Dec 27, 2017
Yaw drift after re-setup my quadcopter
by Vasilis Tzivaras

Arducopter 3.x (Multicopter)

Discussion about the ArduCopter 3.x project on multicopters (quad, hex, tri, etc)

2460 6 hours ago
New library and Parameters
by Ronello Ninettu

ArduCopter 2.x (traditional heli)

Discussion about the ArduCopter 3.x project on traditional helicopters

263 Dec 6, 2017
Reply by Robert

ArduCopter 3.x (traditional heli)

Discussion about the ArduCopter 3.x project on traditional helicopters

71 Dec 31, 2017
Reply by Matteo Tarsi

ArduPlane 2.x software

Discussion on ArduPlane 2.x code

834 on Monday
Reply by David Sherman

ArduPlane 3.x software

Discussion on ArduPlane 3.x code

302 yesterday
Dropped from balloon: DesRoll Square Wave in AUTO - ArduPlane 3.8.4
by Izzy Brand

ArduPilot (original hardware)

Discussion about legacy ArduPilot hardware

825 Oct 20, 2017
Clarification on pixhack wiring

Autopilot hardware

Discussion about autopilot hardware (other than ArduPilot and Blimpduino)

617 on Sunday
Reply by Don

ArduPilot (legacy) software version 2.7

Discussion about ArduPilot code version 2.7

105 Nov 7, 2017
Reply by tony silvas


Discussion about the ArduIMU

321 Jan 1
Reply by Tom

ArduPilotMega 2.x hardware

Discussion on APM 2.x hardware

981 Dec 3, 2017
Reply by jesus


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