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my diy ground control station

Well first of all I'll start with the reason I chose to build this ground station instead of using a laptop So after many times of carrying…

Started by elad orbach in My ProjectLatest Reply

APM2.5 5V/Vcc Schematic

Frequently asked questions are about powering an APM2.5 or why the same does not work or why it has failed. Here is a simplified schematic…

Started by R. D. Starwalt in ArduPilotMega 2.x hardwareLatest Reply


Share your drone info thread

Hi everyone, I'm creating this thread to share your drone/copter information. I believe, this would help immensely for newbies like me duri…

Started by Ruwan in Airframe designLatest Reply

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Holding pen for posts that have not yet been given a category tag

4 47 minutes ago
Desperate request for help with samsung nx 1000 shutter on apm 2.5
by sebastian

Aerial photography

Discussion about cameras, triggering circuits and image processing utilities

1609 5 hours ago
Reply by DavidFolts


Discussion forum for balloon electronics and telemetry

15 Jul 21
Reply by Rune Paamand

3DR Radios

Discussion about 3DR radios

502 12 hours ago
Reply by Andre K.


Discussion about the AeroQuad platform

142 on Friday
Quad-D Frame 2014
by HN

Aircraft platforms

Discussion about airplane designs and kits

737 yesterday
Reply by Avio Unmanned

Airframe design

Discussion about custom airframe designs

466 3 hours ago
Reply by Matthew Hunt


Discussion on antennas and antenna design

38 9 hours ago
Reply by Randy

ArduCopter 1.x

Discussion about the ArduCopter 1.x project

827 on Friday
Reply by Sergey

ArduCopter 2.x (Multicopter)

Discussion about the ArduCopter 2.x project on multicopters (quad, hex, tri, etc)

4201 15 hours ago
Reply by Kris Ellis

Arducopter 3.x (Multicopter)

Discussion about the ArduCopter 3.x project on multicopters (quad, hex, tri, etc)

1794 1 hour ago
Reply by Thomas Dlx

ArduCopter 2.x (traditional heli)

Discussion about the ArduCopter 3.x project on traditional helicopters

259 Jul 24
Reply by Chris Khosravi

ArduCopter 3.x (traditional heli)

Discussion about the ArduCopter 3.x project on traditional helicopters

18 5 hours ago
AC3.3 RC8 works for retract?
by Kyomo Jung

ArduPlane 2.x software

Discussion on ArduPlane 2.x code

828 7 hours ago
Reply by Marc MERLIN

ArduPlane 3.x software

Discussion on ArduPlane 3.x code

106 9 hours ago
Default parameters for do_digicam_control in the survey tool
by Jakob Schmidt

ArduPilot (original hardware)

Discussion about legacy ArduPilot hardware

809 Jul 3
Reply by J. Christopher Westland

Autopilot hardware

Discussion about autopilot hardware (other than ArduPilot and Blimpduino)

566 yesterday
Sending a custom message to Pixhawk
by Antonio Gomes

ArduPilot (legacy) software version 2.7

Discussion about ArduPilot code version 2.7

105 Jun 8
Some help about the Auto mode ?
by Loïc Wassermann


Discussion about the ArduIMU

316 on Saturday
Reply by Harry

ArduPilotMega 2.x hardware

Discussion on APM 2.x hardware

954 on Sunday
So whats the difference ?
by dudz


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