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Excessive Lost Packets 3dr V2 Radios, Link quality <18%

Using the link status in mission planner reveals that my connection is very poor.  RSSI is around 200 with very little noise.  The radios a…

Started by Doug Andriuk

17 yesterday
Reply by Thomas J Coyle III

Need help for quanum nova or cx20 telemetry and bluetooth

hai, i just bought cx 20 open source, and i order some telemetry module and bluetooth module, and i dont know how to install the bluetooth…

Started by stephen

0 on Thursday

how to Control a Quadcopter using APM 2.6 without using RC stick and without GPS

Hi everyone, I am using apm 2.6, and I want to make my quadcopter flies without gps, and I found this tutorial http://flitetest.com/article

Started by A. MS

3 on Wednesday
Reply by A. MS

How to convert APM telemetry radio for Pixhawk

Hi All, I have a peculiar little problem with my 2 UAV's. I have a lone ground radio that I can use for both machines. On the quad I use an…

Started by Bill Kiskin

2 Mar 20
Reply by Bill Kiskin

3DR radio problem

Simply put the settings on my telemetry radios are different, and consequently  they won't connect (they did so previously, before i change…

Started by Armen

2 Mar 19
Reply by Kevin Kanzelmeyer

No Heartbeat Packets Received with 3dr 915MHz modules

I have recently bought the AMP 2.5, with the 900MHz 3DR radio and I have yet to be able to connect the APM to the ground station with the a…

Started by Ben

24 Mar 18
Reply by Nobby Clarke

broken telemetry antenna base

Crunched my 915 MHz transmitter antenna today, Base broke off of circuit board. Anyone know where to order a replacement base? Thanks 

Started by Larry Nuesslein

3 Mar 16
Reply by Manuel Garcia

Radios -> MinimOSD on ground ?

I really do not see any reason why I should have the MinimOSD on the plane/copter, if I use 433MHz telemetry radios. Can't I just connect…

Started by Povl H. Pedersen

3 Mar 16
Reply by Vavooon

lost conection after 5 feet

Hi, Just wondering if some one can help me, have look through other posts and can't find anything to go on.   I have 3dr 433mhz telemetry m…

Started by Ben Haslam

0 Mar 16

Longer / better antenna for 3DR 915 mhz radios. Radio cable?

I just don't seem to be getting very good range with the stock radios, and I would like to try longer antenna.  I know/think that they curr…

Started by Global_Saffer

2 Mar 15
Reply by Global_Saffer


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