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About Ground Control Station User Experience

Hi Guys, Could you give me some impressions about the GCS you use? If you can answer these questions for me, it will be very helpful: - W…

Started by Beatriz PalmeiroLatest Reply

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What setting adjusts how much the Quadcopter tilts to fly forward?

I've been having a problem where the drone is almost impossible to fly toward me, but it can fly every other direction just fine. If there…

Started by Doug

1 11 hours ago
Reply by Bill Bonney

EKF and Vibration monitor displays are not updating

I had EKF disabled until recently.After I enabled it by setting AHRS_EKF_USE = 1 , I see no change.  The EKF and Vibration status displays…

Started by Nihal

1 14 hours ago
Reply by Mark Brummett

MP Waypoint altitude mtrs above ground or initial gps location???

Something that just came to mind and I haven't even thought about yet. Does mission planner/apm read your (vehicles) altitude from the firs…

Started by Zac Johnson

1 Jun 15
Reply by Zac Johnson

How do I set Mission planner to Spline waypoints as the default

Running crop missions with hundreds of waypoints, I want them all as splined except maybe the first and last one.  How do I set the defaul…

Started by M. Danner

0 Jun 15

APM Generate .tlog from text .log

I looked online to see how to generate a .tlog from .log and I'm not seeing how to do it. Is this possible? The reason I ask is because I…

Started by Jackson Rollins

2 Jun 14
Reply by Bill Bonney

Stuck at "Getting Params"

I gotten a APM 2.6 board and when it is plugged in via USB to my computer, Mission planner will be able to get all the parameters on the bo…

Started by Zhen Liang

2 Jun 12
Reply by Kevin McLendon

"Change Speed" button

Dear all, I don't find information about the "Change Speed" button is in the "Actions" tab in Mission planner. Is it the speed in m/s? Is i…

Started by Mattia

1 Jun 7
Reply by Ivan R


Using the Mission Planner DO_JUMP command to loop a Mission

I'm branching out trying to understand all the functions of the Mission Planner so I might better take advantage of it's capabilities. I ha…

Started by Nathaniel Caner

5 Jun 5
Reply by Graham Dyer

How do you repeat a mission?

I've got 4 WPs set up in square pattern (and the home position also) and want my plane to repeat the pattern indefinitely (e.g. WP1->WP2…

Started by David Hertzog

14 Jun 5

Solo telemetry log file --- Probably a Stupid Question

This question is out of frustration. I am using Tower app on an android tablet to setup my missions. I setup a survey mission today, took…

Started by Robert Simcox

2 Jun 4
Reply by DanM


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