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About Ground Control Station User Experience

Hi Guys, Could you give me some impressions about the GCS you use? If you can answer these questions for me, it will be very helpful: - W…

Started by Beatriz PalmeiroLatest Reply

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APM copter 3.3.3 Guided mode with companion computer

Hi all, I have a trex450 conventional helicopter running a px4 with an intel edison as a companion computer. This system has a custom build…

Started by Tom S

1 on Saturday
Reply by Craig Elder

Terrain altitude during the flight.

Hello, APM users :) Question about Mission Planner program.As we knew during flight planing we could see altitude of each terrain point on…

Started by Andrey

2 on Friday

Red Boxes - Mission Planner

I'm guessing this will be an easy one, but something I've obviously missed in a software update.. While say hovering a Copter in Guided mod…

Started by Warren Purnell

2 on Friday
Reply by Warren Purnell

What's the difference between ( Absolute , Relative , Terrain ) Alt in MP ?

Can anyone tell me how can I fly my copter keeping costant distance between it and the ground, I want to use google earth data to achieve t…

Started by Marco C

0 Aug 23


Cruise airspeed and actual airspeed

Hi all.  I've been testing the effect of different cruise airspeed settings on power consumption, but in the range that I've been testing (…

Started by moglos

9 Aug 22
Reply by Patrick Andresen

Virtual horizon counter tilt

Hello! In Mission planner virtual horizon, when i tilt the drone right the horizon tilts left and when i tilt the drone left the horizon ti…

Started by Roi Neustadt

4 Aug 17
Reply by Michael Oborne

Battery percentage calibration

Hi I have managed to calibrate the battery voltage and current draw in mission planner but the battery pecentage stays at 99%. How can i ca…

Started by Peter Clinch

3 Aug 12
Reply by Andre K.

Hud Display Missing in Mission Planner

I did an update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now I am having problems with the HUD Display missing in Mission Planner.  Also, I have to…

Started by Daniel Estes

1 Aug 8
Reply by Daniel Estes

Hexacopter Testing in GPS Denied Environments

Hi All, I have a hexacopter using a Pixhawk flight controller and Mission Planner. Ultimately this copter will be controlled autonomously…

Started by Nick Charabaruk

1 Aug 2
Reply by Craig Elder

Geotagging TIF/RAW images from Mission Planner using time offset

Hey all, I've successfully tagged JPGs, but when I try to tag TIF/RAW images I get an error that there are no pictures in the folder. Can…

Started by David Locascio

6 Aug 2
Reply by Pravin Prajapati


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