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Maximum angles, centi-Degrees wrong?

In all of the documentation it says the maximum, and minimum, roll and pitch angles are in centi-Degrees. eg, Maximum Bank Angle (ArduPlan…

Started by Eddie Furey

5 yesterday
Reply by Forrest Frantz

How to display the sonar sensor input?

(I asked this on the ACM 2.6 thread but maybe the proper place is here) I'm trying to display the raw sensor input of the sonar, but I can…

Started by Dror Caspi

4 on Monday
Reply by Mark Genung


Morning,   I know one can see sonar in CLI -> test -> Sonar.  Is this information available whilst flying?  The only thing I see move…

Started by James Roney

15 on Monday
Reply by Mark Genung

Mission Planner in Spanish?

Hi everyone -  Trying to use Mission Planner in Spanish (I'm using Windows in English). I went to Config/Language/Spanish and restarted, bu…

Started by Tushevs Aerials

0 on Monday

Mission Planner Camera not listed

Hey guys... I know this is going to sound like a crazy newb question but I've never used RTM USB Triggering and I have a Cannon Powershot A…

Started by Mike V

0 on Monday

HIL simulation doesn't work, normal ArduPlane firmware does! (APM 2.6)

Hi, I really need to figure this out but I'm badly stuck, desperately need help. Trying to do HIL simulation via X-Plane. When I load nor…

Started by Ehti

1 on Sunday
Reply by Marden Alcantara

Mission Planner Language

Hi! I would like to know how can I change the language in the mission planning! I am using Win XP in Spanish, but I want the Mission Planne…

Started by Mauro Rodriguez

5 on Sunday
Reply by Tushevs Aerials

How do I find a specific location in Mission Planner?

I'm planning a flying trip to a remotish location tomorrow and am trying to set the mission up in advance while at home. I wish to set "ho…

Started by Mike

0 on Saturday

Mission planner vocalization does not announce "no radio contact for x seconds" on my pixhawk??

I have been flying a quadcopter using apm 2.6 with 3dr radios and mission planner.  When I would disconnect or would fly out of (telemetry)…

Started by Thomas Allard

0 Jul 25

Follower Vehicle Offset Relative to Leader Heading in Mission Planner, using Python

Hello, I'm using Python to create a script similar to the "Swarm" application developed in Mission Planner.  Those who aren't familiar wit…

Started by Stefan Lane Hardy

0 Jul 25


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