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How To: 6 Flight Modes in APM 2.5 using a DEVO-10

Instructions for Getting 6 Flight Modes in APM 2.5 with a Devo-10 The configuration I'm using at the moment provides for a 6 flight modes u…

Started by Steve Johnson

9 13 hours ago
Reply by Bryan Holloway

compiling sketch too big in arduino. HELP!

I'm going friggin crazy with this ardupilot stuff. I first burned out my 3.3 regulator after only one time of programming and now as either…

Started by mhorban

0 14 hours ago

Auto tune crash

I was doing an autotune after an upgrade from apm 2.6 to pixhawk running 3.1.5.  I think it might be power related (battery).  I have att…

Started by Duffy

1 19 hours ago
Reply by Brewski850

NTUN not recorded

Hi all, I run version 3.0.1 on my APM 2.5.Problem is, that no NTUN values are recorded, but NTUN values are enabled. As you can see in the…

Started by Harald Krause

0 21 hours ago

Arducopter Tuning Guide

The arducopter tuning guide.   This guide was written at the time of the release of Arducopter 2.8.1 FW. It is a compilation of everything…

Started by Dave C

558 yesterday
Reply by Gabriel Chen

APM 2.6 no compass after 3.3v fix.

Hello, This is my first time with multicopters or Rc for that much. I built a 650 frame hexacopter and settled on a APM 2.6 for the flight…

Started by mhorban

1 yesterday
Reply by mhorban

Balancing propellors and motors

Hi All,I'm not sure if this is the forum to place this, but it just might be interesting to some of us..A while ago I was waiting for havin…

Started by Frank Al

63 on Tuesday
Reply by Oleksandr

Will APM 2.x run on Crius AIOP V2

The APM 2.6 board & Crius AIOP V2 have identical ATMega 2560-16 microcontroller & same MS5611 Baro chip. The Crius board has onboar…

Started by Brewski850

1 on Monday
Reply by Brewski850

12V power for a Tarot Gimbal on 4S

My goal is to get clean 12v power to a Tarot Gimbal from my 4s Lipo Battery. My Setup: 3DR Y6 DIY (so doesn't include the voltage regula…

Started by Justin Hardin

2 on Monday
Reply by Michael Ciurescu

Coding AUX servo functions into 2.7.3

Hi I need to control 2 Aux servos from a APM1 board. Trying to use the camera channels and change the code to control them directly. If a…

Started by graham newton

9 on Monday
Reply by Sigge


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