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Helicopter Vibration Levels

I just wanted to make a post to specifically address the issue of vibrations on helicopters, as I am seeing quite a few logs which exhibit…

Started by Rob_Lefebvre

33 on Friday
Reply by UAS_Pilot

No rudder control

Hi fellow pilots, I have a strange issue with my rudder servo. When I move the yaw stick the rudder servo is not moving. The swash servos…

Started by testuser0001

5 Sep 6
Reply by testuser0001

Problem with servo settings

Hi,I want to setup my swash plate servos, but oddly it's not possible to save the MIN/MAX values for the servos 1 to 3. At every restart of…

Started by Markus Horeld

8 Sep 4
Reply by Rob_Lefebvre

Where can I mount APM on a 450 heli

I have tried the WINRC 450 TB frame and its nice. But I need a really nice way to mount APM on a 450 heli. Can't seem to find the kits that…

Started by Chadel P.

7 Aug 27
Reply by Frankie Fung

Servo stutter

Hello everybody. Me and my friend are trying to setup my T-Rex 600 with the APM 2.5 but we are having problems with the servos for roll an…

Started by Rune Eide Hansen

23 Aug 25
Reply by Tony Gold

Helicopter tilts / flips to one side during take off

Hi, This is my first post so please bear with me. I have searched and browsed this forum but I cannot find what I need. I have a HK450 (T…

Started by testuser0001

6 Aug 18
Reply by testuser0001

Issue Arming

I spun up my new 700L Dominator the other day and found out i cannot Arm the  copter with my Tx. I was able to arm it via the computer. I d…

Started by UAS_Pilot

4 Aug 15
Reply by UAS_Pilot

APM Heli V3.15 vs V2.73 _ The most we holp is :::

My English is limited , So I get the picture ... I holp 2.73 add INS_MPU6K_FILTER is the best ... 2.73 after a long time Loiter the angle w…

Started by Cao Zhang

1 Aug 15
Reply by Yannick

Nitro/Gasser (Petrol) Throttle latest

Hi all I'm wondering what the latest is on throttle control through the apm for nitro/gasser powered helis? My current thoughts on controll…

Started by Dr Adrian Evans

1 Aug 12
Reply by Rob_Lefebvre

Trex 550,APM 2.5, 3.01 now transformed to 600, Pixhawk, 3.1.5

I'll post a few pictures here.  The upgrade is complete except for a carbon fiber tail control rod and a better antenna placement for the F…

Started by David Boulanger

2 Jul 31
Reply by David Boulanger


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