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Why the drone Crashed ?

I started flying my quad copter with a pix falcon. When i tried to takeoff, it suddenly started gaining height and went up 1 km and then fe…

Started by Venkatakrishnan

10 on Saturday
Reply by Venkatakrishnan

Pixhawk 2.1 best stable firmware ?

Hi, can anybody tell me what is the best stable Arducopter Multirotor firmware for Pixhawk 2.1 with Edison ? Thank you

Started by Cristian Rougier

1 Jun 21
Reply by Andre K.

How to config frame type in ardupilot code?

I'm learning the code of ardupilot, but I don't know how to change frame type to "quad". In APM_Config.h file, I see "If you used to define…

Started by Wuyang Zhang

1 Jun 20
Reply by james

Where can i buy a (almost) Ready to Fly Quadcopter with Ardupilot, or Pixhawk FC?

I want to buy a Quadcopter with Ardupilor, or Pixhawk as the flight controller, and with Turnigy 9x receiver (i already have the trasmitter…

Started by Nikos

1 Jun 16
Reply by WCP

How to get GPS and sensor data via mavlink/mavproxy

Hi all, Im flying a raspberry Pi thats connected to a pixhawk. The raspberry is mostly used as camera , it has one (and soon several CSI)…

Started by Jan Jansen

10 Jun 13
Reply by Umar Dastgir

Barometer problem?

Hello all, I'm flying a Tarot hexa over a forest, in a mountain region at around 3000 meters altitude After some time flying, device sta…

Started by Cristian Rougier

9 Jun 13
Reply by Andre K.

Strange behavior during flight (Hexarotor)

Hello to everyone, lastly I have bumped into a strange behavior after a few minutes of flight. I thought that the ESC were failing and chan…

Started by Julio Lopez

1 Jun 7
Reply by Ivan R

occasional uncontrolled yaw

thanks in advance! I have only flown my new build 2 times and both resulted in most of the flight actually pretty stable, good control from…

Started by jeremy young

0 Jun 6

Questions on RC failover and object avoidance

I have some questions about RC / Mavlink failovers. My experiments show that if I'm using radio communications, Mavlink can over-ride thos…

Started by Charles Linquist

0 Jun 4

Motors not spinning during CLI test.

APM1 with ArduCopter V3.1.1 on an X quad. Mission Planner 1.2.95 When the CLI Motor Test is initiated, nothing happens. Outside of the CLI,…

Started by Adam

3 Jun 3
Reply by Mario D. Molina Castellanos


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