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Voltage of battery going up and down all the time

I have the power module, but the voltage of the battery keeps going up and down non stop. Every second its different. One second 11 volts,…

Started by Rado Ino

6 21 minutes ago
Reply by TechSully

Quad gaining altitude and not Returning to Launch site in LAND and RTL mode

I have been practicing Auto-mission using Pixhawk, Arducopter firmware and mission planner from quite some time. In the last flight, howeve…

Started by PRANSH RANA

1 on Sunday
Reply by Michael Burmeister

Cannot download APMCopter V3.4.5 via Mission Planner

Whenever I try to download APMCopter V3.4.5 by clicking on the hexacopter image on Mission Planner's "Install Firmware" screen, what I get…

Started by Jerald Thompson

4 on Friday
Reply by Jerald Thompson

Wobble with 4s battery

Hi Is it possible to switch between 3s and 4s batteries without tuning? I have a 550 tuned with 3s 5000 and when I try to run 4s 5000 it…

Started by David C Phillips

2 on Thursday
Reply by David C Phillips

Foxtech K130 with Pixhawk

Hi everybody, recntly I'm trying to use K130 with pixhawk (the old one) with firmware APM 3.3.3 and I had some unconfident flights, I mean…

Started by Maxim

2 on Thursday
Reply by Maxim

Reduce power to motors

Hello, I built a quad with 4x EMAX RS2205 motors with 4s battery and 5" bullnose props. I am carrying an APM mini. Total weight of 500g an…

Started by Guilty Spark

2 on Thursday
Reply by Guilty Spark

Yaw rate on arducopter 3.4.4 is very slow

Just upgraded my F450 from APM 2.6 to Pixhawk (lite). Installed 3.4.4. Amazing software except one thing: The yaw rate now is very slow: It…

Started by fs007

2 on Thursday
Reply by fs007

3rd Compass with Pixhawk?

I was playing with a third compass today but I can't get a compass ID for the third nor offsets. Is the third compass capability currently…

Started by Mike Kelly

3 Feb 14
Reply by Mike Kelly


I have an issue with 3.1 and MOT_SPIN_ARMED. I'm seeing 1 or 2 motors turn off a few seconds after arming and the motors are idling. If i t…

Started by Motion Man

5 Feb 14
Reply by jhon

Problem using a parachute

Hi, I am using APM:Copter v3.4.2 together with QGroundcontrol v3.0.2 on a pixhawk - I want to deploy a parachute. I configured channel 7 on…

Started by Markus Manninger

4 Feb 10
Reply by Markus Manninger


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