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What Happened to Hybrid Loiter ???

The one feature I liked and now it's gone... Is there a way to put that one feature back on this new firmware release ? Or get it back in t…

Started by John Spencer

1 39 minutes ago
Reply by Brandon Clifford


ArduCopter-3.1 released!

After months of testing AC3.1 is finally available in the Mission Planner and GitHub. Warning #1: BUG found in stability patch of AC3.1.2…

Started by Randy

1074 2 hours ago
Reply by Andy Horka

APM tries to yaw, roll and pitch

Hi everyone, I made an APM2.6 Hexacopter and I'm sure there are no calibration mistakes. The problem is, when I spin the motors, APM itself…

Started by Baran Çimen

0 3 hours ago

Update.... really?

Ok update guys.  The last two releases....  whats up?!?!? Ive now updated firmware twice and both times I regret it. From the factory my A…

Started by William

12 3 hours ago
Reply by William

random twitching / flips

 Hi      I am using  an apm2.6 and experiencing odd twitches to full flips .(in stabilize mode) looking at the logs pitch/roll in seems ste…

Started by Tim Painter

1 4 hours ago
Reply by Tim Painter

loiter mode causes copter to drift away fast

everything was working fine quad flew great,,,now if i go into loiter mode it rolls right every time,, alt hold works using gps??, also had…

Started by doug ducko

17 5 hours ago
Reply by Marcin Kamycki

Y6 crashed in STAB

Hi everyone, Hexacopter Y6 has crashed from altitude of 100m, being in STAB mode. Setup: HKPilot 2.5, ArduCopter 3.1.3 Homemade frame Y6 S…

Started by Konstantin Sbitnev

0 6 hours ago

Wind speed/dir from APM?

I notice the APM is (I think) estimating wind speed and direction.  I can display wind speed and direction on Mission Planner and in minimO…

Started by Pedals2Paddles

9 11 hours ago
Reply by Anand S. Biradar

Loiter Not Work

Hey folks, I have an APM2.5 running on a SK450 with whatever the latest version of arducopter firmware is. Using a ublox gps and 900mhz rad…

Started by Finnius

25 15 hours ago
Reply by Joe Thompson

2 near crashes and 1 crash in 4 days

2014-04-13%2011-15-06.logHi don't know what the problem is but my quad has been fine until recently when I went over the bmx track to film…

Started by spencer

9 16 hours ago
Reply by Felixrising


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