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how to know the time stamp in the logged data from APM 2.6?

i have logged my flight data into the mission planner and it shows number of lines for a time period. i'm interested in the IMU data , wher…

Started by iyad

1 Nov 2
Reply by Hein du Plessis

Kalman Filtering code for ArduIMU (flat)

Hi all - I have an ArduIMU version 2 (flat), and have implemented a kalman filtering code for the x and y axis. I have also created a GUI…

Started by Jamie Ahmed

44 Oct 27
Reply by Charlie Harrison

ArduIMU V3 Magnetometer Calibration???

Hi, So I know that the APM has Magnetometer Calibration(finding the offsets) built into the code but the ArduIMU v3 does not. Does anyone h…

Started by Daniel Nugent

2 Oct 27
Reply by Charlie Harrison

I'm still playing with DCM

I burned out my ArduIMU V3 and still want to play so I took my flip1.5 with the MPU6050 and created a Frankenstein version of the 3DR ArduI…

Started by Harry

6 Aug 5
Reply by Harry

ArduIMU V3 Error

Hi, I'm using ArduIMU V3 and I have some problems with that. When I connect IMU to FTDI cable and upload the code and run it I get good res…

Started by Saeideh

0 Jul 21

ArduIMU V3 all axes output wrong values!

I cannot believe that I'm the only one who noticed that!  I would write it off as a faulty device but I've got two brand new once here that…

Started by Art

57 Jun 28
Reply by GliderMike

Bad Fast rotation effect for Arduimu, MPU6050, 9150, 9250

Hi All, I am facing a real problem with all IMUs with most of open source algorithms around. The problem is that the IMU gives a stable go…

Started by Ahmed Hossam Helal

2 Apr 27
Reply by Harry

FreeIMU, how to get gyro rates and accelerometer reading

Hi, I am using ArduIMU V3 with FreeIMU library. So far, it is working just great. However, I need to obtain Gyro rates(in deg/s or rad/s)…

Started by Khalid Saeed

10 Mar 21
Reply by Harry

Find here working Arduino sketch for MPU-6000 / ArduIMU+ V3 using Digital Motion Processor (DMP)

Maybe you are interested in my Arduino sketch specifically written for the MPU-6000 on the ArduIMU+ V3 board from 3DRobotics Inc. It is att…

Started by Martin Crown

88 Jan 9
Reply by Martin Crown

APM 2.5 Log help

Hi All,  I have been working with my apm for a while and i have never really been able to fly it with much success. Here is where is am…

Started by Julio jo

11 Jan 7
Reply by Andre K.


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