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What is the purpose of the PPM encoder in APM2?

What is the purpose of the PPM encoder in APM2? Why didn't we use directly the PWM signal produced by the receiver and enter it to the micr…

Started by Hussien Jarrar Atieh

19 7 hours ago
Reply by Gon Castillo

GPS Failsafe

Using APM 3.2.1: It is my understanding that if I am flying in AUTO MODE and have GPS failsafe set to "2" and the craft loses GPS, it will…

Started by Charles Linquist

0 Nov 4

Cannot find/download firmware 3.3.0 for AMP 2.6

After being very successful with APM2.6 on quadcopter I had plan to try a plane with APM but unfortunately I have not been able to find/dow…

Started by Anwar Ali Khan

0 Oct 23

How to setup "Current PWM" in flight mode to listen another channel (input)

Hey guys, After many difficulties, I've been able to connect my Transmitter to my APM. I would like to setup my flight modes, but the missi…

Started by Arnaud Vandecasteele

8 Aug 4
Reply by Daniil Popov

Enabling and using analog inputs

Hey all, I've been a follower of the community for a while but have just now found an opportunity to post something. Forgive me in advance…

Started by Max Messinger

2 Jun 25
Reply by Dan Ho

Mission Planner not downloading map tiles for my area

Hi, I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this.  Since about 3 weeks ago the Mission Planner will not load any tiles below…

Started by Thomas Harvey

26 Jun 22
Reply by Frank Meadows

How to get data from ArduPilot through Serial Port

     So guys, I'm doing a project related to Telemetry, and I want to make ArduPilot (Uploaded with ArduPlane 2.73) send through Serial Por…

Started by Alessandro Soares

16 May 1
Reply by Dave McCaleb

On the fly waypoints

Hi DIY Drones I’m currently working on a project trying to create an autonomous flying wing (

Started by P B

1 Apr 8
Reply by Andre K.

Neither pitch, nor roll reverse option in mission planner have any effect 2.7.4b firmware

I'm setting up an ezstar , first time apm on a plane (coming from multicopter apm side of the house), and the direction of servo travel for…

Started by James Small

2 Mar 10
Reply by Amulya Agarwal

Flight mode 6 not changeable / locked in APM mission planner ?

As described in the title, i cant change the flight mode 6 in the mission planner under flight mode config. Its locked with 'manual' mode.…

Started by IronStone

5 Feb 28
Reply by Amulya Agarwal


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