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Setting up flaperons in arduplane >= 3.0

Hi, In order to slow down to ease catching thermals and landing of my glider, I would like its ailerons to act as flaps, i.e. I would like…

Started by Burt Macklin

5 1 hour ago
Reply by Marc MERLIN

3 axis camera setup on APM 2.6

I have set up my 2.6 with roll and pitch on rc 10 and 11 as advised, and they work fine.  When I try to allocate rc9 for pan, Mission Plann…

Started by Keith hetherington

3 17 hours ago
Reply by Hein du Plessis

Is rxrssi not being logged by APM at all?

I'd like to know for sure if my receiver signal drops during my flights, and I can see rxrssi in my video feed on the OSD, but for log corr…

Started by Marc MERLIN

0 yesterday

Airspeed sensor weird issue.

Hi, I have a strange issue with my airspeed sensor since installing it into an existing apm easystar 2 which has been working fine for quit…

Started by Chris G

3 yesterday
Reply by Chris G

Airspeed Sensor – do I really need one?

I am adding an APM2 to one of my park flyers. It is going to be a lot of work to get the airspeed sensor out of the prop blast. How will it…

Started by Mike Mac

7 on Monday
Reply by Marc MERLIN

Suggestion: stall avoidance for TRAINING mode?

I read Tridge's post at!topic/drones-discuss/zdaEfa_EfBY and basically I would also love a mode where I c…

Started by Marc MERLIN

0 on Monday

How does arduplane calculate airspeed without an airspeed sensor?

Arduplane gives me airspeed on my OSD as well as wind direction, but I couldn't find what it uses to compute that data if I don't have an a…

Started by Marc MERLIN

0 on Sunday

Can you help me explain this stall in level flight?

I've been test flying my multiplex cularis with a lot of weight, so it tends to stall around 25kph in level flight (I only have GPS speed f…

Started by Marc MERLIN

3 on Sunday
Reply by Marc MERLIN

What the hell happened to my plane?

I just took my built up Bixler 2 for a test fly, and a couple of minutes in, It nosed dived into the ground and completely wrote off the pl…

Started by Jerry Hatrick

4 on Saturday
Reply by Jerry Hatrick

RX inputs bad?

I transferred my APM 2.5.2 from one of my quads to a foam wing I built. Want to do some waypoint guided photography stuff. Flashed the APM…

Started by Michael DuQuette

1 on Saturday
Reply by Michael DuQuette


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