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Airspeed sensor weird issue.

Hi, I have a strange issue with my airspeed sensor since installing it into an existing apm easystar 2 which has been working fine for quit…

Started by Chris G

5 yesterday
Reply by Jeff

Arduplane auto mode does not seem to work.

I am using the latest version of arduplane downloaded on Mission Planner, with our school-built wooden plane. It flies well in FBWA mode, b…

Started by CAO MUQING

4 on Wednesday
Reply by Mike Mac

control loop frequency in apm2.5 and pixhawk

hi every body .  i build a sensor board, and used same sensors(except mpu6000, i used 6050) implemented on amp2.5 and try to gather the dat…

Started by walter white

6 on Tuesday
Reply by walter white

Decoding mavlink messages

Hello all, I wanted to have the APM 2.5 board connected wirelessly to the ground station laptop, whilst having an on-board beaglebone inter…

Started by Jonty Lewis

3 on Monday
Reply by Forest Mapper

Problems with APM1

Hi, I have just decided to resurrect my old APM1 which I used on a multirotor a few years ago and try it on an X5 flying wing, had 4 test f…

Started by Lee Williams

1 Sep 10
Reply by Lee Williams

Unable to gain access to bootloader

I bought an APM 2.6 and it came with the arducopter firmware, I followed all instructions and every time I try to update firmware it shows…

Started by Jay D Oliver

5 Sep 8
Reply by Jay D Oliver

Inability to load new geofence / flyaway troubleshoot

Hi everyone, I had a geofence problem yesterday that resulted in a flyaway and the loss of an aircraft. I'd be grateful for any help ident…

Started by Mark Jacobsen

1 Sep 8
Reply by Mark Jacobsen

Roll and pitch controller

Hi, I have some basic background in C++. I would like to look into the control code of Arduplane for pixhawk. In the below page, http://pla…

Started by UserAuto

3 Sep 8
Reply by Zachary Birnbaum

Question about ArduPlane Crosstrack_bearing

Hello, I'm analysing the ArduPlane code(2.6) in order to design a Simulink model of the Ardu-Pilot flight controller. Now I have a question…

Started by Konstantin Schmit

1 Sep 8
Reply by Zachary Birnbaum


Hello everyone, I was seeing in Arduplane 3.1.0 and I have discovered that there is no actually implemented a CAMERA_TRIGGERED_FLAG or som…

Started by Dario Lindo Andres

0 Sep 8


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