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Auto Takeoff - engine starts with significant delay

I want to auto-start my push-propeller engine (on an X5 airframe) upon catapult launch, hence I'm using - TKOFF_THR_MINACC and- TKOFF_THR_D…

Started by Reto

2 2 hours ago
Reply by iskess

auto take off fx-61

Hi Guys, I have got a fx-61 some day ago, and I am having problems with the settings for taking off in auto mode.  The plane doesn't keep…

Started by obarrero

1 10 hours ago
Reply by Hein du Plessis

How can I use the SPI bus and UART for custom purposes?

I am having trouble customizing the Arduplane code.  I would like to communicate to my own board over SPI and use UART for debugging purpo…

Started by Zack Thevenot

0 yesterday

Analog Signal Output through Analog Pins

Hi,  I am trying to customize the analog pin in a way such that the pin outputs analog signals between 0-5V to an amplifier with respect t…

Started by Patolemy

6 on Saturday
Reply by Randy

Parameters changing themself?

Today I have been into Mission planner to change some parameters like FS-Short and FS_long, disabled Failsafe for Radio  and changed power…

Started by Sveinung Rogstad

0 on Friday

Arm/ Disarm APM

In setting up arduplane on an APM 2.5 board that will go in a skywalker 1900, I notice that I do not have the ARM Disarm function that I am…

Started by wbal57

1 on Friday
Reply by Randy

Extreme servo travel on APM 2.5 boot

Anyone know why servos connected to my APM 2.5 outputs crank to 0% for 15 seconds while booting when there is nothing plugged into the APM…

Started by Bill B

6 on Thursday
Reply by Ted Van Slyck

Failsafe modification, APM 2.6, ArduPlane 2.78b & modifying DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL

Hello, i use a APM2.6 with 2.78b firmware to fly a number or planes, EasyStar II, Skywalker X8, a few custom made ones. I would like to add…

Started by Vaibhav Chauhan

2 on Wednesday
Reply by Vaibhav Chauhan

Ardupilot servos go to full deflection in stabalize and RTH

I have ardupilot 2.6 mega loaded with the latest firmware installed on a flying wing with elevons.  I manually mixed the transmitter for el…

Started by Jamie Martin

0 on Tuesday

Use of UBlox data through an Ardupilot without the use of APM Planner

Hi everyone, Sorry if this seems a question with an obvious answer but after playing with it for a few days I've had no luck. The problem i…

Started by Brandon Jensen

0 Apr 14


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