Hi! I'd like to ask if the code of the APM Mission Planner is Open Source? If yes, where could I find it? Thanks!

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its on the ardupilot-mega svn, the same place as the apm code.


is it the
https://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/source/browse/#svn%2FTools... ?

What IDE and language are you using?

MS Visual C# Express 2010.

and yes correct directory

what is the main program for this? Also what part did you configure the interface?
those questions are to vague. the screen you are probly intrested in is in gcsviews\flightdata

sorry about that! I already saw the file. thanks!

We can browse the code using the above link. However downloading the source code using tortoise svn only downloads the AP part and not the mission planner part. Is there a way to download that code locally to browse it?




I already downloaded the code. Ang I could locally browse it. I used DownloadSVN, you can download it here http://downloadsvn.codeplex.com/

Looks like the structure of the directory has changed. I downloaded the code and I see the following directories/files.
ArduCopterMega/  ArduPilotMega/  Makefile*  Tests/  libraries/
 In the browse like where I can see the Mission Planner code I see that there is directory named "Tools" which has the planner code. However in the downloaded code I do not see any directory like that.  Any help would be appreciated.

you will need to use GIT, have a look on the wiki, how to download the source.

hi friends . i am working on the sorce code of  APM mission planer. but when i downlaod the open source files and open the files , the problem occour's. the problem is that ther is no GUI only the code can i view . but i want a complete open source project in a single folder so that i just click the main *.snl file and it open in VC# and i view UGI also code as same as working in CV# . i want to  change some text boxes and and GUI with specific data according to my aera. provide me plz a complete pack of apm mission planer.

the complete pack is on the repo, and has been for the last year. you need to use GIT to get the latest builds

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