I have decided to put my Draganflyer X4 up for sale. I really need to upgrade to a larger helicopter with more payload capability. It has a couple of minor scuffs on the landing gear, but besides that, it is in 100% immaculate condition. It is normally sold with one battery, but I have bought an extra 3 batteries, which allows continuous flying when charging at the same time. Flying times vary from 8-10 minutes with a camera or 18-20 minutes without. The X4 is a superb quadrocopter, one of the best for aerial photography and videography. The full specification can be found on the Draganfly website HERE


All of the equipment that comes with the X4:





The helicopter comes with 2 custom bags, which house all of the equipment. The first bag is for the X4, transmitter, camera and batteries. The second stores the charging station, spare parts and cables.




Setting up the helicopter for flying takes literally a couple of minutes. Connect the battery, snap on the landing gear and attach the camera. Turn everything on and it's paired and ready to fly a few seconds later. Below you can see the X4 ready to fly, with the video screen attached. This gives you a live view of what the camera sees, to allow you to frame your photo. You can also use the video goggles, which plug into the transmitter. Please note that the screen is something which I have fitted, and it doesn't have a bracket to secure it to the transmitter. I was going to have something made, but then decided to sell. The video goggles come as standard when purchased from Draganfly.

The X4 carries a Panasonic FX-580 camera which is remotely controlled from the ground. You can control the tilt of the camera, zoom and shutter functions. The camera takes 12mp photos and 720p high definition videos. The camera comes with an 8GB SD card, 2 batteries and charger.

The transmitter is specially designed for the X4. It has a touch sensitive screen, which displays live telemetry date, ascent rate, battery levels, altitude etc. It also allows you to adjust just about everything, including LED brightness, a buddy transmitter and warning sounds. The transmitter has warning sounds for low battery, out of range etc. It also has 2 AV-out ports, where you can plug in a screen for live camera view, or video goggles. This is specially handy when framing aerial photos. The X4 also has an altitude hold function, which can be set from the transmitter. A second toggle switch allows you to adjust the height when in altitude hold mode.

Asking price is £4,975. (New price from Draganfly is almost £8000, including delivery and import duty the UK)

This price includes: Delivery to a mainland UK address by courier a couple of hours training, explaining exactly how to use the heli, charge batteries, safety etc. If you live local and collect, this will be a lot easier as we can do it in person.
Either call me on (UK) 07748 646803 or email info@asandp.co.uk Gunter. Please also send me a message if you want a shipping quote to other parts of the world.

I will also do a video of the heli flying which I will post up here ASAP.


The video can be seen here: http://youtu.be/LPuBLF4CaGw

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Are you willing to part out the pan/tilt camera mount?

No, sorry. The camera mount is made specially for the heli. 


Not sure, the video out jack plays live video on video goggles or a small screen. It can also be recorded on a portable DVD recorder.

Would have thought as it was bought in UK it would be PAL.

Malcolm, I bought it here but it is made in Canada...but works on the UK DVD players etc....that's why I'm not sure!

Ah ok i thought as you bought it through the UK agent it would have been PAL.

Just a thought. Does it record Mpeg or Avi files on the memory card, if so then it doesn't matter.

It does .MOV so I think it will be okay wherever you are.

Just posted a video link in the original post.

If you are really wanting a larger heli I may be able to help you out with that, depending on just How "big" you want it.  I sell large 80cc helis.  All cnc machined T6 and carbon.  If you are interested in maybe a swap let me know.  We have a demo model with only 1.5hrs flight time.  We sell just the frame with engine and starter for much more than what you are asking for the X4. If you would need a three axis camera gimble we have those too.  One is machined out of Aluminium, the other gimble is machined out of carbon. It will also come standard with a 12V variable flow rate agricultural spraying system and two 1.5lb tanks.  We have redesigned the heli almost from the ground up to sell in the U.S, and we will be selling the new version in about two weeks. We have decided to go ahead and sell the demo model as well.  Send me a private message if interested, and we can talk about the details. 

To clarify, the demo model is the old version, but is still quite practically new. Parts are, and will, be available if needed.  

Hi Christopher, thanks for the offer, but I have already started building an octocopter. I am still interested in having a look at what you do though, please send me a link to your website/heli details either here or PM.


Thanks, Gunter.


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