It looks like the Official 3DR CAD files are corrupt.  I might be doing something wrong, but I'm a fairly experienced CAD user, and I've tried to be thorough.  I have access to a CNC laser cutter, and I decided to cut my own Arducopter frame.  I tried multiple approaches to open the files (as listed below).  

Every single one of the files seems to be corrupt.  Can anyone help me to:

  1. Get working copies of the Arducopter and Hexacopter frame CAD files
  2. If the problem is on my end, let me know what I did wrong
  3. Bonus question: what CAD software and version are the 3DR designers using?

What I did that resulted in the errors:

  1. Downloaded all current versions of CAD files from link below.  Some were DXFs, some were Solidworks files.
  2. The official 3DR Arducopter and Hexacopter frames CAD files are located here:
  3. Tried to open all files in Solidworks 2011, Solidworks 2012, AutoDesk TrueView 2013 and LibreCAD.  I tried each of these on two separate PCs.
  4. Every time I tried to open a file with Solidworks, I got an error (see images below).  LibreCAD didn't articulate an error, but it also couldn't open any of the DXF files.  TrueView simply freezes when I try to open the DXFs.



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Issue solved.  I was doing things incorrectly.  For whatever reason, you cannot simply download individual files from the github repository.  That will give you corrupt CAD files.

Instead, download the entire repository as a ZIP.  To do so, go to and click the "Zip" button.  I've attached a screenshot with the button highlighted in yellow.  You could also use Git client to make a local version of the repository, as is described here:

Cool thing for me to learn, and I hope it helps someone else.  Now it's time to arrange all of the DXF files on one sheet so that I can laser CNC cut the frame out of Lexan.


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