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What's the difference between ( Absolute , Relative , Terrain ) Alt in MP ?

Can anyone tell me how can I fly my copter keeping costant distance between it and the ground, I want to use google earth data to achieve t…

Started by Marco C

4 yesterday
Reply by Randy

NEW - GPS/INS system - High accurate low cost attitude,position,velocity sensor.

Hi guys, As we all know high accurate attitude(orientation) , position , and velocity data are very much important for UAV navigation. Ai…

Started by htr

1 on Monday
Reply by Benjamin Trapnell

Any experience with Li-HV batteries?

Anyone test this batteries?

Started by Cala

16 on Sunday
Reply by Cala

No compass calibration no movement at all!

Hello, I am using windows 10 and have 2 separate APM2.6 I can update and have loaded firmware ver 3.2, and everything goes fine until I get…

Started by mark liles

9 on Saturday
Reply by mark liles

Issue Command Fly(bearing, time, speed) ?

I want to be able to tell my quadcopter to fly(bearing, time, speed).......This will allow me to essentially say fly forward 1cm or fly lef…

Started by J'Rome

3 on Saturday
Reply by Randy

Accelerometer Calibration Skipping Steps and Cannot Calibrate After Firmware Updates to AC3.3x

Hello, I am having trouble diagnosing my problem after updating firmware. For AC3.3, AC3.3.1, and AC3.3.2, when I attempt calibrate the ac…

Started by Naoki Oishi

9 Aug 16
Reply by Hilbert Barelds

tarot t4-3d gimbal compability with pixhawk

Anyone managed to get pixhawk to control the t4-3d gimbal? i've tried following the same steps in the wiki but that was for the 2 axis gimb…

Started by Nichon

15 Aug 2
Reply by Gio Michell

Motor pulsing in Altitude Hold

Just an annoying problem with the motors pulsing in Altitude Hold. I don't seem to be able to tune it out entirely. I've disabled the Sonar…

Started by Warren Purnell

19 Jul 29
Reply by Nabil Malik

Leddar One optical range-finder support coming to ArduPilot?

Now that the LidarLite is off the market (until Garmin brings it back), there are not many options for accurate altitude sensing. I have a…

Started by Tony Kenward

17 Jul 28
Reply by Gary McCray

MAVLink Tutorial for Absolute Dummies (Part –I)

Hi All, I was recently fiddling around the code for a while and decided to create a tutorial out of it so that others may find it useful. …

Started by Shyam Balasubramanian

86 Jul 25
Reply by Shyam Balasubramanian


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