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MavLink Failed: Getting Param... (sysid1 compid1) and then nothing...

This is weird. I am seeing my altitude, ground speed, yaw and vertical speed as well as my position in the Flight Data screen almost immedi…

Started by Oliver Volkmann

10 6 hours ago
Reply by Oliver Volkmann

Y6 not lifting off

I'm trying to get my RTF Y6 off the ground for the first time.  I calibrated the ESCs, checked motor spin, ran the calibration wizard in MP…

Started by Ben Snyder

19 16 hours ago
Reply by Randy

APM Failsafe

From my work in attempting to figure out Failsafe i see that the APM ALWAYS treats the throttle channel as the failsafe channel i.e RCMAP_T…

Started by Damo

7 23 hours ago
Reply by Reuben

Why NAZA work without PIDS tuning and APM not?

Hi,  All my friends that flying NAZA asking me why i did not buy DJI NAZA as it work from the box.... I build my F450  based on APM 2.6 an…

Started by Thomas

48 yesterday
Reply by Esteban Jaramillo

Transmitter Loss failsafe

Hello, I want to setup failsafe for my Futaba T6EX tranmitter. I have been following this

Started by Damo

3 yesterday
Reply by Damo

Rocking, right-left

I am getting a slow rocking right then left when flying in a straight line between waypoints, also when flying alt-hold.  Its not making fo…

Started by Edgar Scott

1 on Tuesday
Reply by Edgar Scott

Brand new everything... just setup up and 3.1.3 and twitching on the maiden flight!

Not sure what this is... but i just set this up with AC 3.1.3. This was shot in stabalize mode as i dont have a gps as of yet. Does anyon…

Started by mark

7 on Monday
Reply by mark

Quad attack

Hi, The day before yesterday, the weather condition were ideal for testing the autotune as I updated the firmware to 3.1.1. After the fligh…

Started by jvmolo

14 on Monday
Reply by hotelzululima

ArduCopter Libraries

Didn't want to hijack another discussion so I figured a new discussion was best. Where is the tuning library for ArduCopter located? I am…

Started by Ken Gaines

1 on Monday
Reply by Ken Gaines


My Iris has STB_PIT_P value of over 7 and STB_RLL_P of over 10 and Droneshare flagged them as bad entries. The APMCopter manual says values…

Started by Bob Kirkpatrick

4 on Monday
Reply by Randy


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