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  • Skywalker-Flight#3

    Skywalker-Flight#3 0:36

    Another brief flight, fatal crash in the end. Still have yet to throw the switch to auto mode. Scav… Mike Thorlin May 1, 2012 102 views

  • Skywalker-Flight#2

    Skywalker-Flight#2 0:17

    Yeah... not such a good flight. Very brief, seemed to lose elevator authority and it nosed in. Squa… Mike Thorlin May 1, 2012 52 views

  • Skywalker-Flight#1

    Skywalker-Flight#1 01:04

    1st flight... went ok, I was very nervous as it had been a long time (15 years) since I had flown a… Mike Thorlin May 1, 2012 56 views

  • APM1.4 TEST FPV 1.wmv

    APM1.4 TEST FPV 1.wmv

    APM 1.4 SONAR LV EZ4 MAG XBEE900 XAIRCRAFT FRAME AND MOTOR ESC 10 AMP TURNIGY BAT 2650 40C 1.350Kg… Norman Sanchez Apr 23, 2012 100 views

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