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  • Bixler

    Bixler 0:22

    My APM 1 is installed in a Bixler and during setup I noticed the altitude is all over the place. I'… Kevin Mahler Aug 25, 2012 308 views

  • Bixler Test Flight 3

    Bixler Test Flight 3

    This is my third test of my Bixler 3DRobotics APM2 drone. Here I am specifically testing mission wa… Ger Harris Aug 24, 2012 140 views

  • CNC Foam Cutter

    CNC Foam Cutter 0:26

    I use Ankers "Foamcutter" software. 4 PIC16F88 chips one for each axis. Ebay stepper output drivers… Tags: Cutter, Foam Greg Aug 22, 2012 392 views

  • Bixler Maiden Flight

    Bixler Maiden Flight

    Sorry about the air-sickness. This is my first flight with the Bixler plane chassis configured with… Ger Harris Aug 22, 2012 102 views

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