2.0.16, Now that Yaw PID vs PI bug was found and sorted, this version reverts back to Rate based Yaw. You can still change that in APM_Config.h.


Made minor change in Loiter to check something. I had two different approaches to navigation: one is for traversing and one is for holding. Loiter would switch modes based on distance to target. I temp disabled that to eliminate a variable for testing.


Motor LEDs now enabled. Let me know if they work OK.


Armed Motors is now Solid to match GPS behavior. This is just to make things less confusing in the long run.


in 2.0.17  I'll add the motor spinning at ARMing option as a compile time thing.

You can edit the code yourself, if you want that option now.


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Are there any plans in future version to allow for a CLI update of mag orientation? I'm comfortable with re-compiling the source to adjust the mag orientation for my custon quad but it would be a nice feature to be able to do it from CLI.
No immediate plans. It's a memory hog and we're very tight on program space.
Boy i just feel in love with 2.14 i  cant beleave how stable my quad is after making my PIDs changes i think i will fly with  this for a few days before trying anything new great good AC2 team   Tom

Please post your settings, motors, props and frame photo. I'd love to narrow in on the best defaults and give a guide to tuning with examples.


Maybe we can start an issue log or something similar for people to fill in this information? I feel that my hardware combo is pretty non-standard, but it works well and wouldn't mind sharing in a dedicated database.

If I go to the main page :http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/downloads/list


It shows 2.0.14  Is 0.16 posted someplace else?


Hey Jason,

great job and thanks for all the hard work you've put in this project so far.


Maybe someone could explain a question that's on my mind.


E.g. the "Mikrokopter" 's compass has to be calibrated by rotating on each of the three axis.

Early Arducopter needed this, as well, as Ardupirates.


Why doesn't I need to calibrate in the 2.0.x versions?    This is not a complaint! I am just interested.




I added back calibration to the setup routine. This calibration will get you halfway there. The in flight calibration will get you better results with all the electric fields caused by your motors.

In setup run "offsets" and you will be prompted to spin the copter. I haver not tested the new routine. Let me know if it works!

You can grab 2.0.16 off of SVN. I'll post a download soon. 

2.0.16 is on the SVN. If you know how to use it, you can get it there. Otherwise, wait for the zip file to be posted later today.

Trying to build this, I downloaded the 2.0.16 zip drom the downloads page.

When I try to compile I get an error dTnav2 undefined.

I searched the whole source set and its only in the attitude.pde file.

Did something not get zipped up properly?


I also checked out the latest via SVN and it won't build either.



When I change it to dTnav then I get a different error.


I can build the version 2.0.08 I downloaded a few days ago....




I cannot compile as well. I just did a svn update and tried to compile. This is what I get

ArduCopterMega.cpp: In function 'void calc_nav_throttle()':

Attitude:167: error: 'dTnav2' was not declared in this scope

Attitude:170: error: 'dTnav2' was not declared in this scope


Same here. I'm grabbing the libraries from svn to see if that does it.

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