The altitude hold mode in V2.049 looks very promising in Jason's video.  However, my altitude hold does not work very well in simulation.  As I turn on loiter, my altitude rises and falls with a delta of about 2 meters when my BARO is enabled.  If my SONAR is enabled, it won't hover... Period...  I'm also unable to get my "alt_hold" mode to turn on at all...  If I try to swap to alt_hold mode it says "No Mode Changed 2".  I'm trying to simulate all of the code before flying.  Does anyone have any input, I'm starting to get frustrated.  Please help!

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Jason was on sonar in that video are you on baro?



I've tried both... With BARO enabled, it hovers with a delta of about 2 meters... With SONAR enabled, it won't hover period...  If i try to turn on alt_hold mode it says "No mode changed 2".  I have to use the loiter mode to get any hovering accomplished...  Any suggestions?

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