• Does this make the temetry link to the APM readonly?

    I ask because I'm afraid of someone else connecting to my quad over mavlink while I'm flying, and taking over control.

  • Hi, this is really cool hack, thanks!  I've got it working great, but I can't find anyway of showing the number of GPS satellites or HDOP - with this info as well I could remove need for telemetry radios+mobile/tablet which would be awesome.

    • Oh, well turns out it's not that hard.  I didn't realise that T1 refers to the visible sats and the fix type, but that's confusing for me so I just changed that to visible sats, and altered T2 to reflect the HDOP instead of arm status.  For me the HDOP and number of sats is vital in flight - I want to know if these change immediately and clearly, so assigning them to T1 and T2 is perfect.  If needs be the arm status could be moved elsewhere, say FUEL which is currently duplicate.  Fortunately the HDOP (and VDOP) is already exposed in the library as eph/epv, and there's a getter function mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_get_eph().  It exposes in centimetres as an int rather than the usual meters but that's OK:

      diff -r MavLink_FrSkySPort/MavLink_FrSkySPort/FrSkySPort.ino MavLink_FrSkySPort.altered/MavLink_FrSkySPort/FrSkySPort.ino

      < FrSkySPort_SendPackage(FR_ID_T2,ap_base_mode);
      > FrSkySPort_SendPackage(FR_ID_T2,ap_hdop);
      diff -r MavLink_FrSkySPort/MavLink_FrSkySPort/MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino MavLink_FrSkySPort.altered/MavLink_FrSkySPort/MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino
      > int32_t ap_hdop = 0;
      < gps_status = (ap_sat_visible*10) + ap_fixtype;
      > ap_hdop = mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_get_eph(&msg);
      > gps_status = ap_sat_visible;

      • Dom:

        That's a great idea, but I can't get it to work. Arduinio gives a error about this code: ap_hdop = mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_get_eph(&msg);

        can you upload the working file for me?

        • Oh, sorry about that.  Here's the full file - note it's from the v1.3 zip in case that matters - perhaps it has updated libraries or something. I've tidied this up a bit and haven't recompiled to test, so apologies if it contains an error, i'll help if I can.


          • No need to apologize, I'm not educated on arduinio, I can filter and recognize some stuff but don't know the code, I compared both, and I just did some dots and dashes wrong. now it should work like a charm, I will try it outside in a minute!

            I got another question from my own desire. Today during the first test flights my "cels" value did weird things, I'm flying a 4S pack but at some point my TX shows me 5 individual voltages, I can reset this by resetting the telemetry, but then I loose my mAH count as well.

            I found the part in the code where it calculates the amount of cells and altered it a little bit, I only fly 4S so I made the bracked for 4S from 12 to 17 V instead of 12,6 to 16,8. This because i found out that a little callibration error of the power module and the input voltage of a full pack is above 16,8V and the taranis thinks it's 5S.

            Now the question: there should be a better way to fix the script to 4S, can you tell me how?

            (ofcourse I understand the need for the calculation for the big crowd, but my alarms are getting messed up.)

      • This is awesome, just been out for a flight and no need for the telemetry radios any more for pre-flight checks.  Good thing as the 3dr radios broke after an hour of flight and looks like it's going to be a long time to get them replaced..

        Thanks Rolf for the great work!

  • Rolf,

    I read this thread and absolutley loved it. I ordered the teensy 3.1 and installed all the software, but I ran into some issues. Most of them I tackled, but I can't overcome one error: 

    MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino:47:25: fatal error: GCS_MAVLink.h: No such file or directory

    I read the whole thread again and on page 6 I found that this was caused by a wrong sketchbook location, so i tried to reassign it, but no joy. Can you specify the excact map you have to select? I unzipped on the desktop and just selected the desktop as my sketchbook, but it won't work, and also tried other subfolders.

    • 1. Download and extract the file   (for example. to your desktop)

      2. Open Arduino software and in  menu File/Preference change the sketchbook location to the place you extracted the .zip file, press Ok

      3. Restart Arduino and in the menu File/Sketchbook  select  MavLink_SkySPort

      4. Compile and transfer to Teensy

      • aaah, great. I got it flashed, now connect it and see if it works!!


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