• Hi Wolke,

            i still have issues getting this to work with the X4R receiver which is much smaller than the X8R (my models partially do not have space for the X8R) - the issue is here that the receiver itself internally uses A2 which causes a conflict. - In my previous post here, i tried to resolve this by editing the code, but it did not work - do you have an idea how to make this work with the X4R ?



            • currently not, because i never work with an X4R. i am not sure but if i am right FrSkySPort.ino line 284  FrSkySPort_SendPackage(FR_ID_ADC2, ap_gps_hdop); . maybe you can try to comment this line. if i am right the project use A2 to transfer hdop. in lua script hdop use getValue(203) wich is defined as A2. so maybe commenting line 284 in FrSkySPort.ino will do the job. but in this simple case you have no hdop infos. and whatever your x4r will send on A2 is visible in lua script hdop.



              • Hi Wolke,

                your suggestions were exactly what i tried before. I will try this tonight with an X8R at home and see if it works - if it does, then it's the X4R, if it doesn't, then it is my compilation etc.

                In case it is the X4R, i could send you one to keep in case you have got a few minutes to look into this.. - X4R is really my preffered option right now, because it is a lot smaller than all the other RX and it is definitely not the last copter or model i would like to use exactly this combination it (i assume it also works for pixhawk which i want to try next..).



                • ScottFly claimed to have his working on X4R by allowing the transfer of HDOP through the temp2 channel.

                  However I didn't like his code as much as Wolkes when using it my direction arrow moved when I wasn't moving...  maybe I just didn't have good enough gps lock at the time I dunno.

                  I think Wolks code uses Temp2 for something else though so I don't think you could do the same without more changes.

          • I have the code to transfer the files. Thanks for the Hexes....

        • Hi

          I'm one of the other culprits, that lately have been pushing this forward (Christian, Wolke and me) after Rolf's initial effort. On these 3 efforts we share the entire code and give credit where its due, and also modify where we want. Some others are using our code with no mention to its origin, and also not sharing the sources. 

          For my part, I've paused the current approach because there are changes coming on either the OpenTX side and also from the APM side that will enable better features to appear on the radios.

          A few months ago, I bit the bullet and installed the tools mentioned on the beginning of this thread, which I've read quite a few times. I strongly advise you to do the same. The effort of installing tools to send the hex file to the Teensy is aprox. the same that you'll have to install the Arduino 1.06, and the Teensy extension, and you'll have the chance of adjusting the Teensy code to do whatever you want, if you want, and also download either Christian's, Wolke's or mine code and use as it is, or modify it.

          Either one's code is reasonably commented and easy to adjust to each one's preference, both on the Teensy code side and also on the Lua scripts.

          Regarding the present APM FrSky out option, I've already alerted the lead dev of APM that has added a note about the required hardware to have APM "talking" to FrSky.

          Regarding Arduino's using this code, I think this thread could be useful to pick up ideas and code, but the target is Teensy, not Arduino.


          • Yo make a god point about the subject of this thread.

            Maybe it would be worth splitting out the Arduino thread which in turn would hopefully build on it. (Saying that, I have found a place not to far from here with Tennsys so will be going this route :)  )


            • Hiya, as I understand it the teensy is really just another of many arduino-like implementations, what sets it apart is that it has multiple uarts exposed to the gpio so it's particularly suitable for this application.  But it's perfectly possible to use other arduino implementations using software serial like this fork:


              It's great that there is so much activity from Rolf's cool hack (hack used in the best possible way), but it would be really great if there was a single github project that served as the central repo that the various people still hacking on it fed back into.  That way we could benefit from all the great things that each person contributes rather than having to choose one over another, including on other boards through software serial.

              It will also be interesting to see if the frsky work going directly into apm firmware, just needing a serial inverter, will turn out to be as good/flexible as this method.

              Converts Mavlink packets to Frsky S.Port Useing Software serial - rotcehdnih/Mavlink2Frsky
              • From what I've seen on the APM development it will be a very basic implementation that will also use some of the "shortcuts" we currently use to send data via the FrSky telemetry.

                Also, you'll have a new FrSky telemetry only when there's a new APM release.

                I expect that the new OpenTX version will be available soon, and that really brings a lot of good changes on the telemetry side. I've played around with some of the latest dev builds, and I'm impressed.



                ps: I've been looking around for the WS2812B RGB Led's like that would make an excellent addition for the Teensy. If anyone has lost some time with it, any tips are welcome

  • Please let me know if you get any errors,a

    both versions, gives me this message

    fatal error: GCS_MAVLink.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.

    anyone have a clue??

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