In a APM2.5+ purchased in December 2012 I installed the latest driver "" in the "APM 2.5" using the Mission Planner desktop utility ("MissionPlanner-1.2.29.msi").

The system does not workAfter installing the latest driver and connect to Mission Planer desktop will not let me set it up.

Through the terminal I did a test of all sensorsall are correct, except for the case of the pressure sensor (MS5611-01BA03), which does not show any results,enclose a copy of the screen.


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I didn't quite understand what your saying..

Go to firmware, install FW of choice.

Then to set it up you need to connect...

Sorry for my bad English.

I have installed FW Quadcopter OK.

After restarting the APM2.5., ABC LEDs are off.

In the startup process fails the pressure sensor, altitude  (MS5611-01BA03).

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