ArduPlane won't arm engine

Hi all,

I am new to the ArduPlane. Until now I just had experience with the ArduCopter.

I got myself an Easystar 2, installed APM 1 with the current version 2.30 and configured it. That worked fine, even the stabilize mode & movements on the ground also works good. But I am unable to get the ESC initialized, so the motor won't power up.The APM has corretly being initialized and I connected it wirelessly. I can control my servos via my RC.

I have just one ESC which is directly connected to the APM. When I then additionally connect APM via USB then the ESC finishes the initialization procedure.

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong here? Do I need an additional power source?

Thank you for a small hint,


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  • Same Problem here :(

    resetting the APM works but sucks.. i tried setting the throttle to above 0 and only moving it down after start up but doesn't work, i was thinking of connecting a UBEC to the USB cable can any 1 tell me how i could accomplish this as it would then make it possible to put the cable in close the plane up ,put the battery in, remove USB cable and voila :D


  • i have similar problem. motor dont arm.. but only when board is powered through USB. interestingly, what i have noticed is that motor will arm when i disconnect gps. any solutions, thanks??

  • Hi, I had same issue time ago with my octo with HiModel Professional 40A ESCs.

    The problem is not APM software related but the ESCs initializing before the APM board ends booting up so no valid signal are going out the ESC signal pins of the APM. Some ESC seem sensitive and other not.

    All I have to do to avoid this misbehaviour is unplug the ESC outputs from the APM then connect the batteries, wait while the APM board boots up and then plug the ESC again.

    Its important to say that I only have to disconnect the signal cables of the ESCs which I've integrated in a single connector.

    For my setup I have done a ESC distribution board where the ESCs connect and get power and signal. The power came straight from the BEC and signal cables are connected from this board to the APM board with a single 8x1 connector making very easy the work.

    3692525879?profile=originalIt's very important not to have the props fitted while performing this procedure if the ESCs are connected to battery  because they could spin and wound somebody.

  • mine also have this problem

    everytime first boot ESC cannot arm. i have to pull out the ess signal/bec power several times and then i hear the arming melody (motor  can start)

    my arduplane 2.65

  • hi everybody

    i am also new to ardupilot .

    i have a arudupilot 2.5 , like many others in my quad frame all worked well.

    but now in my easystar the only way to get the motor to arm is to plug the usb in to laptop

    at the and have flight pack connected at the same time .

    i cant remember the make of my esc as its buried in the fuz..

    any ideas ?


  • Do we know exactly WHY these ESCs aren't arming right?

    These are very common ESCs, I'd certainly be willing to put some effort into fixing the issue with them.

  • I'm running into the same problem here.  Turnigy 40A Plush.

    Unfortunately, my reset button does not appear to work either.  If I leave the battery plugged in and unplug and replug the signal cable, it starts up correctly.

  • Hi,

    got the exact same behaviour with a very cheap suppo esc (hobbywing compatible) and my apm2 (last batch). First comes the 3 sounds, then nothing. Interesting is that after 2 resets with the resetbutton on the apm2 the rest of the init routine follows, 3 tones (for the 3s battery) and the readytone. Tested 5 times or more everytime the same behaviour. When i first powered the apm2 over usb and connect then the battery the esc starts right through normal. If i powered it first with the battery i got the behaviour described above.

    As long as it takes only 2 resets to get it running its not so frustrating, but it would be fine if it starts normal ;)

  • Does anyone still have this problem.

    When the USB cable is connected the esc arms fine.

    Without the USB connected only get initial 3 beeps.

    It does not complete the initialization sequence without the USB connected first.

  • Hello Oliver, i have the same problem, is exactly what you described.

    I have the APM 1.4 with the 2.33 code.

    I tried several different receivers and ESC , and the problem persists.

    In the end you could fix it?

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