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Can someone please confirm how Auto Takeoff works in V3.3? I unsuccessfully tried it the other day and am just wondering if it is something that I have not set up correctly. I set all the parameters as per the Wiki (, created a mission with way points (the very first command was Takeoff). I pointed the aircraft in the direction I wanted to fly out at, switched into Auto mode, and then threw the plane, but the motor did not start. Am I suppose to advance the throttle prior to tossing the plane? If yes, then is the motor suppose to start up right away or will it still follow the "rules" as set out in the Wiki for Takeoff - TKFF_THR_MINACC, TKOFF_THR_DELAY, TKOFF_THR_MINSPD, and TECS_PITCH_MAX. AR there any other parameters I should be looking at setting?

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  • Jim,

    What airframe are you using?  I have gotten the auto takeoff to work using TKFF_THR_MINACC and TKOFF_THR_MINSPD but I found that I had to use lower values than what is listed in that wiki page to get it to throttle up at the end of the throw.

    Another option for you to use is to set the THR_MINACC, THR_MINSPD, and  THR_DELAY to 0.  This will cause the plane to start throttling up for takeoff immediately when you switch to auto so keep that it mind.  If you go this route I suggest you set the TKOFF_THR_SLEW to something like 20-30%.  This will allow your plane to slowly ramp the throttle up to its takeoff value over a few seconds while in your hand so that it doesn't immediately try to throttle up to its max value.   

    This applies to a puller/tractor style plane.  If you have a pusher you're going to want to keep the TKOFF_THR_DELAY and just experiment further with your MINACC and MINSPD values.


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